Jan Englert thanks for the NATFIZ for injection state of health


Prof. Semmerjiev holds an special document for the holder of the initial title "Doctor Honoris Causa" at Englert. SHEET: DESISLAVA KULELIEVA

"Old age – now I know it all the time, it's a loss of well-being. Thanks to the academic community of your high school, principally from the rector prof. Semerdjiev's feeling for injection. The failure of my honorary title is an aphrodisiac for my remaining professional years. "

This is an emotional show of Polish actor, director and teacher Jan Englert in a concert at the Odeon cinema, where he was announced for the doctor Honoris Cause at NATFIZ. The distinguished ceremony was appreciated by teachers, students and fans of the Bulgarian cinema.

Everything got on the stomach under the sounds of the student anthem "Gaudeamus Igitur", to meet the Polish guest. Prof. Plamen Markov is reading the biography of Englert, and the rector of the academy, prof. Dr. Semeredzhiev has passed the special document for the holder of the initial title "Doctor Honoris Caus".

Over 1975 Englert is filmed in the film by Valo Radev "The Found Souls" and for 45 years. is more and more than a cultural correspondent between Bulgaria and Poland. The thanksgiving word of the Pole read in Bulgarian. "Centuries are 45 years old. from the events that connected my professional life with the Bulgarian culture – that's why. – This became thanks to my acting profession, which I practice for over 60 years. Father Eredija got into my belly and my father Eredija stood up in front of you, at the risk of taking a lecture. I stand in front of you and as an old-age teacher, academic tutor and rector of the Warsaw Theater Academy from 12 years of age. Let it be an excuse for me: I am confronting you with hope, but the thing that you have said is that there is no banal bluster. And in order not to compromise the linguistic possibilities, everything turned into Polish. "His native language brought out a brilliant academic word, which was often cut off from the applause of the audience.

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