It has begun! Preslava released VIDEO from the wedding Sophie and Gringo SLIKE


The long-awaited day has come! Today, March 24, the female voice Sophie Marinova and her beloved Todor Davidov – Gringo set a magnificent wedding in a restaurant in the capital.

People, folk singer Preslav and Pavel, released the first photo of a big event presented to her close relatives, as well as her sister Ivelina Kolevi, who is with her daughter.

The "big day" tag was added to the frame, and within a few minutes, Payner star also posted a video on his personal account entitled "Demon the Kums".

Sophie Marinova recorded her video with the greatest success, and Preslav did not miss her heroic song "Without You".

A few minutes after the wedding, the bride also shared the first photos of the big day. Together with the stars of the stars Miss Bonnie and Julie Angelova, and with colleague Nikola Filaret, who adds the final touch to the perfect look of Sophie.

Recall that the newlyweds in the municipality signed in February, and the wedding rings Sophie and Gringa are engraved with the names of both outside, and within the month and year – 02.2019.

Among the guests will be Azis, Tony Storaro and his son Ficki, Galena, Gloria, Bonnie, Jenna and many other singers.

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