Hungary overtakes Croatia in a spectacular game – World of Football – Euro 2020


In the first match against Slovakia (0: 2), the Hungarian team corrected their wrong step and recorded a very important success when Croatia won 2: 1 after returning home. Under the eyes of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, the Hungarians reached the goal in 13 minutes, Ante Rebich was right for the Croats. However, Adam Salaj scored a crowd of Groupama fans in the 34th minute and equalized, Matthew Patchay's header after 76 minutes.

In this way, the Hungarians won third place in Group E and the battle for the Euro2020 has become extremely big. Hungarians have three points and a fourth place in Croatia. Slovakia and Wales occupy the first two places, with only Wales defeat in this group.

Even in the third minute, the Croats had a chance to find a result, but the center of Modrica did not play well Damagiy Vida, but the ball flew away. The three who later left Borna Barišić focused on Andrej Kramarić and did not intervene in the Hungarian defense. The shooter hit, but inaccurate.

10 minutes into the match, Gergo Lovrenchix came in from the right with the intention of giving Lovree Kalinić the lead, but his rocket of a shot rattled the crossbar. In 13th minute, Croatia led "Arena Group". Luca Modricch gave the ball to Andrej Kramarić, who went to Kramarić with a sword. The attacker remained uncovered and with the open right. There were doubts about the ambush of the shooter, but Adam Nagy fell left to the side of Modric's table and covered the situation.

So it came in 34th minute when Hungary equalized the result. Balashi Judjak turned right at Adam Salai and the striker made a small shot from a small corner to Kramaric's door and equalized – 1: 1.

59 minutes into the game, Ivan Perisic got a yellow card after 21 minutes for unsportsmanlike behavior. Croatian shoots, but the ball was on the side of the right.

Hungary made a complete reversal in the 76th minute. Mate Patchay was not much better on the second pitch, but his attempt was blocked by the reaching chance, but his kick went straight to the right and Matin Kalinić's right leg 2: 1.

By the end of the match, "chess players" attempted to return the passport, but Luca Modric ultimately made a great stop and did not save her from defeat in Budapest.

The next matches for both teams will be in June, while Hungary will visit Azerbaijan, while Croatia will take Wales to Zagreb.


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