Friday , October 18 2019
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Huawei has a new name for its operating system in Europe


Huawei has been operating on its operating system for a long time, but until now it has no idea when it will appear and what its name will be. So far, the media reported that China's new OS was called HongMeng, but it was reported that it could be called Ark or Oak.

Today, the LetsGoDigital web portal reported that Huawei received a new brand from the European Union Office for Intellectual Property. That is Harmony and it will obviously be the European name of the HongMeng operating system that looks more attractive to Europeans.

Chinese language HongMeng translates as "Red Dream", while Harmony in English is obviously "Harmony". Apparently, the Chinese technology giant believes that European consumption is a more suitable alternative.

Huawei is looking to replace Google's Android mobile operating system due to problems with the current US administration that imposed trade restrictions that the Chinese manufacturer might not use US hardware, software and technology. According to today's information, the new Huawei OS will be compatible with various types of computer devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, carriers, smart speakers, car panels and more. For China, the new platform should be ready this year, and the international version is expected mid-2020.

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