How the rich will overcome natural disasters


On November 8, two huge fires broke out in California, and the accident continues to blink, and the number of casualties is rising.

The fire in Northern California has become the most deadly in the history of the country. Spirits also affected the outskirts of Los Angeles, where the average income of the population is around $ 130,000 per year.

In contrast to these rich regions, victims and missing persons are from places where annual income does not exceed $ 40,000 per year.


It is not far from the logic that while millions of people protect their well-esteemed castles, the poor die in natural disasters. Because they prove the consequences of fires, although the rich are responsible for climatic problems and hence for disasters, their effects are much less affected. In fact, the media continue to travel primarily on stories about damaged stars.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are supposed to protect their $ 60 million mansion, which is allegedly being hired by private firefighters, often used by ultra-whippers and their insurance companies. Public speaking Sister Kardashian-Jenner gained sympathy, but none of them mentioned any of his private firefighter.

This week, the singing husband Pink, who was the former motocross racer, broke the spirits by publishing Instagram's picture with a group of white and armed men and enlisting the marauders to be shot.

Actress Shannon Doherty apologized for uploading a similar photo to her profile with a similar message.

The White Hadid Model and the actress and activist Alicia Milano have been praised because they have spent their money on protecting their horses, but only those who are really good can afford it and have to take care of its preservation.

Similarly, Ireland Baldwin received hypocritical support after complained about the rough relationship the police had asked for control.

At the same time, the authorities to protect the property of the wealthy inhabitants of Los Angeles were organized by more than 200 additional police officers in the area to hide against the maroder. Insurance companies collect armies from private fire brigades, usually made up of former firefighters.

Many also employ private bodyguards who risk their lives to protect their bosses from attacks and thieves.

Instead of drawing attention to the fact that marauding is a symptom of extreme class inequality, the rich feel that this is evidence of a lack of morality in the poor.

The contrast in the effects of fires on different caves shows a huge difference. And the ability to reduce fire damage and then restore it also depends on the class.

Those who can afford expensive insurance can also afford a few days to evacuate and store their household products. They have the opportunity to rent temporary homes and wait for an accident.

Recent reports prove that the richest people on the planet cause the greatest damage to the climate and that only 74 companies are responsible for 74% of global warming.

This only shows the need for structural measures on climate change. Otherwise we are approaching a distant future, where privileged people will manage their system and resources in order to avoid natural disasters.


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