German virologist: Those who are not vaccinated will be infected with the coronavirus


Leading German virologist Christian Drosten believes that the German population will gain immunity to the coronavirus in a year and a half – through vaccination or a natural infection.

“The virus will become endemic, it is inevitable. And those who consciously choose not to be vaccinated will inevitably become infected with the coronavirus,” said an expert from the Berlin-based Sharite Clinic.

“Nothing can be done against such developments, as restrictive measures will continue to fall over time. However, the virus will continue to circulate unnoticed among the population – including young children who cannot yet be vaccinated.” Despite the public’s partial immune protection, the virus will spread and affect those people who have not been vaccinated, ”Drosten said.

More freedoms from June onwards

According to his and next winter, people from Kovid-19 will be seriously ill in the intensive care units. The virologist warned that those who choose not to get vaccinated actually opt for the infection.

The head of the virology department at the Charité clinic in Berlin said in an interview with ZDF television that he was convinced that the effect of vaccination would be felt from June onwards, which means that there will be more and those who are immunized will not be after travel and holidays. they must be quarantined, he writes DW.

Christian Drosten is confident that the situation will stabilize when young people are immunizedwho have the most contact and thus contribute more to the spread of the virus. She points out that some sections of the population – depending on their age and the risks they are exposed to – will probably need to be further immunized in the autumn – with the third dose. This could be linked to influenza immunization, as the risks of infection are similar.

Stronger flu wave in winter?

There are fears that the next wave of flu could be very severe if vaccination did not resist him, Drosten said. The basis for this statement is the fact that there have been virtually no flu waves in Germany and other countries in the last autumn and winter – also due to measures against the coronavirus.

The Indian mutation of the virus, which the WHO has meanwhile identified as worrying, has so far not particularly affected Germany, Drosten said. He points out that mutations do not lead to a new pandemic, and although the virus has become more adaptable, it does not follow that there is an immediate and great danger.

We are no longer as helpless as we were then last year. We can vaccinate“, says the Berlin expert.

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