Gabrovo is cooking for a bare protest


Without incidents, the third is a protest in Gabrovo, which took place at night, informed the police about an extraordinary briefing regarding the situation in the city.

The protest started peacefully from the central square to the city. Nearly 800 demonstrators gathered in front of the community building despite and for the first time, they searched for the institutions of security, as well as equal rights and obligations for all Bulgarian citizens.

He can not try to stretch what you justified, protected, fed, without going to work, without having to pay his bills without crying the buns, and we are trying to say, "What is wrong," the protesters said.

The procession crossed the central streets and boulevards on the city and made the movement difficult. The gendarmerie interfered with the cordless cordon on the protesting houses of the house, inhabited by the Romani family. This gave rise to dissatisfaction in the midst of the choir, which they hounded. Togawa's a chap uniforms swung helmets and shields and beatings applauded by the protesters. So in practice, the protest has come to an end.

From the police they reported that some of the checkpoints had been built, which allowed the protesters to be allowed. The checks were set up we are seated without documents for self-standing, who wore boxes and sticks. You were taken to the district administration, where acts of administrative violation were made.

In Gabrovo went to the protest for the third evening


In Gabrovo went to the protest for the third evening

About 500 people will participate in the protest march, the situation is calm

They are looking forward According to the mass protest, there will be a mass protest. Organs of the lines indicate, more and more He has no official information whether he will be joined by a choir from other cities, but the Ministry of Interior has a readiness to prevent any possible excesses. The next demonstration will begin at about 18.00.

Recall, the advance in Gabrovo escalates, followed by the April 7th The three Roma were beaten by a salesman in a daylight shop for a note.

The police held the responsible, but a little trace of the goods were released. This caused serious progress in the regional city – hundreds of people went to protest On April 10, Dori was begging to sneak into the building of the local investigation.

On this occasion, yesterday, April 11, the military minister Krasimir Karakachanov convenes an extraordinary meeting in the MS, assuredly, che the situation is possessed.

Gabrovo does not have a Roma ghetto, he assures the sergeant

Gabrovo does not have a Roma ghetto, he assures the sergeant

You threw in a town organized to occupy the Roma

The case became the occasion for comment by the leader of "Volya" Veselin Marek, according to koito the scandal in Gabrovo is a staging, in order to raise the "dusk" rating of Karakachanov. He urged the military minister to apologize to a whole Bulgarian people.

On his side, Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev expressed his opinion, Che The advance in Gabrovo is a fact and it is not because of political hypocrisy to reject it.

The small track became clear and che trimmed Roma remain in the custody for constant. They are directly affected accusations of failure and inflicting a physical bodily injury.

Regardless of the matter, the matter is settled Protest, as if this was the case, the dissidents were unsuccessful. He got to the slander and wounded citizens. In the confusion they suffered operator, reporter and police officer.

That's how it came to the resignation of the the head of the police in Gabrovo in town by search for the premiere Boyko Borisov.

The head of the police in Gabrovo has resigned


The head of the police in Gabrovo has resigned

The followers of Borisov and Marinov were searching for the resignation


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