Tuesday , October 26 2021

For the first time with Boris …


I am an ordinary Bulgarian, skilled at work. I am not involved in politics. I love sports, my job, I’m consistent. I raised my children here in Bulgaria. My family supports me in this decision. I finished high school in Dobrich.

I also studied in Sofia and at a sports school in Plovdiv. Vice presidential candidate Nevyan Mitev told bTV.

“I continued my training as a swimming coach at the NSA. I started working in the sports system as a service technician.

Then I had to decide to continue with the sport or my military profession, and I decided on the latter – resolutely and bravely. When I entered the military hierarchy, I had to catch up and learn a lot. I’m not worried. I went to study in the US on NATO programs, ”she said.

“I applied to the Military Academy for a few years – there were no women there at the time. In the end, they believed in me. We know Rumen Radev, but we never cooperated. I don’t want to deal with comments on his address. I don’t feel personal with him. competition. ”, explained Miteva.

“We had a dispute with Rumen Radev over fighter aviation, where we still don’t have women,” the vice-presidential candidate explained.

“Personally, Prof. Gerdjikov invited me to join the election race with him. He is a worthy Bulgarian for me. He was a guest, but not a participant in our event about 5 years ago. Then we met. I do not perceive myself as part of a couple.” GERB and with prof. Gerdjikov is all non-partisan. We are also open to talks with other political forces. I was at a GERB women’s meeting yesterday and I met Boyko Borissov for the first time, ”he said.

“I know people from different political parties. I communicate with everyone. When we have a reason for Bulgaria, we have to talk to everyone. I see us as a couple of changes. I don’t define myself as left or right – me” I’m Bulgarian. We have to build bridges there, where they collapsed, “Miteva concluded.

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