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De Bourne: I'm not sorry for Liverpool!


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Manchester City's Kevin de Bourget did not show empathy for the Liverpool accident because of the missing Premier League title.

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Merseyside has become the strongest vice-champion in history, finishing with 97 points – just one less than "citizens".

"I do not regret them being a great season, but we were better than I did not regret, because I do not think they feel the same for us," said a hard Belgian.

"Of course, no one in Liverpool touched on our elimination from the Champions League and their players are deeply disappointed and this is normal, and they would feel the same if they were in their place."

"Manchester City and Liverpool are all rivals We all want to win Even if you're in favor of a rival, it's the most important thing to think about your team. It was a great fight that we won. It would be too much," concluded De Bourne.

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