Davide Mariani is number 1 in the history of Levski with a cursory pointer


Davide Mariani is number 1 in Levski's history of curious index – commissions, writes Meridian Match.

For the transfer of Switzerland at the beginning of the season, the highest amount was paid in this direction. That is EUR 600 000, which is divided into separate payments.

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Levsky did not pay the transfer fee for Mariani and Georgi Asparuhov was taken as a free agent from Lugan.

Gerena says that to date, Switzerland is the Top 3 most paid player in the club, adds the newspaper.

The player purchases about 30,000 euros a month, and his contract has various bonuses that bring him extra money.

Davide Mariani from Levski earned an attractive bonus

Levski player gained an attractive bonus

The player will receive more than 50,000 euros from "blue"


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