CSKA should take advantage of the Ludogorets retreat


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The most successful club coach in Bulgaria Asparuh Nikodimov presented his biography "With CSKA in the heart" in Burgas. He met the supporters of the Armenians from the local fan club "Perspectives" and commented on topics related to the team.

"In Bulgaria we always evaluate things quickly, Nestor can be a good trainer, but it is very difficult for an alien to adjust and understand the psycho Bulgarian, everyone understands this game and they all give a hint, and he has to make some decisions about the movement, maybe hesitates for some things, but this is normal, and the mark for the coach is given when we see the results at the end and draw a line, it's early for general conclusions, "said Paro.

"It will be difficult for the Cup because it is a game with Ludogorets in Razgrad, but CSKA has its options, especially since Ludogorets has pulled a little out of the past few months and withdrew from what was, CSKA should use it, especially the Levski will not be easy, and there will be a strong battle for the title, "added Nikodimov.

"CSKA is better with Bulgaria than other leading teams, starting with 4-5 of our boys, sometimes up to six, some of them at the core of national choice," said Paro.


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