Center Amalipe: Many Roma families have temporarily left Gabrovo Društvo


A large part of Roma families temporarily left Gabrovo, and there were almost no Roma children in schools for two days, Center Amalipe reported.

The gendarmerie is located close to places with Roma houses, but the police "show a lot of disappointment, and therefore calls on several Gabrovs to spend the next few days with relatives in other municipalities," he said.

It also states that tensions and uncertainties among the Roma in the city are extremely strong, especially in the light of the anticipated protest night. According to information provided by Amalipe Center, football fans in Plovdiv were also expected.

Earlier, the mayor of Gabriele Tanye Hristova denied claims about raising the number of Roma in Gabrov, saying that there was never a Roma ghetto in the city:

"There is not even a Roma neighborhood. There is neither a kindergarten nor a school where they could see elements of segregation. The presence of the Roma population in Gabrov is extremely small compared to many other settlements, "said Christa


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