Bulgaria | Deputy Minister of Justice was dismissed from the University of Veliko Tarnovo


Deputy Minister of Justice was dismissed from the University of Veliko Tarnovo

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Deputy Minister of Justice prof. Nikolay Prodanov was fired as a lecturer at the University of Veliko Tarnovo because he does not perform his duties at a college, reports the Bulgarian national radio. This is evidenced by the message signed by the Rector prof. Hristo Bondzolov.

This means that Prodan is involved in a story about the dissemination of media publications about illegal evidence of the learning capacity of 170 Italian citizens issued by an educational institution.

Prodan's appointment to the Ministry of Justice is from the United Patriots.

"We were surprised to read that the University of Veliko Tarnovo revoked evidence of pedagogical qualifications and provided false information to the national accreditation and accreditation bodies. No illegally registered scholar, who was awarded a certificate of teaching, also from Italy. Decree on disciplinary redundancy of 5 November 2018 to Professor Nikolay Prodanov as a lecturer who does not perform his duties at the University of Veliko Tarnovo, but not as Deputy Minister of the Avosadiate. You yourself can decide who organized this lawsuit against the University of Veliko Turnovo on the eve of the 55th anniversary of the founding, "says the university's website.

Prodan: I will complain about my termination

Prodanov commented on the national radio that he disciplined his discipline today from students and from the University website. "My name is unacceptably hindered by the inspection carried out by the prosecutor's office as a result of the actions taken by the management of the university, and I support the inadmissibility of my being the Deputy Minister of Justice. I could have some influence," Prodanov said, adding, that he will appeal to the rector's task through the court.

Do 170 Italians trust

The Ministry of Education and the University of Veliko Turnovo today raised a dispute over the credibility of the evidence of professional qualifications of a teacher, issued by Italian citizens. Now. The reason for this was that the higher school canceled the diplomas concerned because they were illegal. The universities denied that the Italians received legal training. The case was also heard by the chief prosecutor on the suspicion of a crime, the newspaper said.

Nikolay Prodanov

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Nikolay Prodanov

In this case, 170 Italians who graduated from the masters degree at Italian universities, will enroll in Pernik University in 2016 for the qualification course "Teacher". At that time, the students had the right to attend these courses, but after the change of the regulation, the pedagogical qualification came into force only with the accreditation of the National Agency for Assessment and Accreditation for Pedagogy. Since Pernik did not exist, the Italians moved to the University of Veliko Tarnovo, where they took part in bilateral distance learning in 2017 and received certificates.

The investigation by the National Information and Documentation Center confirming professional qualifications revealed a number of training violations committed by the VTU. For example, 70% of the lectures on compulsory program courses were conducted by Italian habilitated staff. These teachers are not included in the register of academic staff of the Ministry of Education and Science. Moreover, an important part of the training was carried out by an independent and illegal university in Pernik, which no longer has rights to this direction.

The Ministry of Education through the National Center also checks whether the decision on recognition of the students concerned is recorded in the minutes of the academic council meeting without actually voting. The Office recommended the revocation of 170 professional qualifications. "Regarding the question of whether the offense was committed in accordance with the Criminal Code, the Chief Prosecutor of the Republic of Bulgaria has been confiscated," the Ministry of Education concluded.


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