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Bo Borisov will retain power

GERB will not give up its easy management – in 2019, projects were awarded for more than BGN 10 billion and the next Chief Prosecutor was elected

November 16, 2018

The government's expectations that the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Valeriy Simeon from the government would calm the political situation and protests in the country were not justified.

Though they are weaker and in a different direction, protests continue throughout the country. The real tension came from the other direction. One of the leaders of the ruling coalition, Volen Siderov, asked the united patriots to withdraw from the executive branch. This coincided with the position of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) for some time – for the "elimination of patriots" by the government. President of the party, Dogan and Peevsky, Mustafa Karadayi described that Simeonov withdrew too late and said that it was time to unite around the proposal for an "accelerated development program". This definition combines the idea of ​​a MRF for a "minority government" – a new GERB cabinet without "patriots" supported by the movement.

All of this is happening on the eve of 2019, which is crucial for at least two reasons. A new Chief Prosecutor will be elected and much more money will be allocated from EU funds. The Chief Prosecutor is extremely important for each party, because it provides a seamless "absorption" of resources and the possibility of attacking political opponents of power and opponents of their related businessmen. Take a look at the analysis of whether Borisov can hold power, and here – a description of 10 billion left that will be distributed next year.

At first glance, the idea of ​​Siderov to play for the interests of MRF seems to be a paradox. Indeed, he and Peevsky's party have a history that goes beyond half-subliminal assumptions played by nationalists for the interests of the MRF because they are staring at the electorate of the movement. The attack played a major role for the majority who supported the government of the Freedom and Justice Movement (BSP) and the BSP Cabinet (Orasharsky). So, Siderov and Dogan / Peevsky already played from one team, the question is whether they will do it again. It is interesting that the beginning of their previous "cooperation" began at the same moment in the EU funding cycle – two years before the end of the programming period. In the last two years (in the past, that is, 2013-2014), the majority of funds are allocated.

Now he is wondering whether the MRF will reintroduce into power once the "black" work is done to participate in a much more interesting part of the selection of performers.

In short, the key to configuration management is currently led by Volen Siderov. If he remains in the United Patriots, he remains unchanged. If he leaves, the role of Mareshka will increase, without which Boris will not have a majority in parliament. And if this turns out to be unstable (given the strong pressure of the Mareshka Prosecutor's Office), the allocation of 10 billion in the next year and the election of the Chief Prosecutor will involve much more MRF. In any case, this week the price of Volen Siderov has increased considerably.

Siderov took up his idea as a "salvation" of "United Patriots"

Following the resignation of Simeonov, Volen Siderov first asked the members of the ruling coalition council – Borisov, Tsvetanov, Karakachanov and Simeonov to apologize to him. "If you say:" Worse, I was sorry when we did not listen to you a month ago. "Then I just said that with the great disasters that Simeonov had done with the unacceptable condemnation of the mothers of disabled children, the civilized way of denial – I said, then they agreed that he would not resign, he did not want, and the Karakchans did not hotel, and Borisov said that all patriots must agree. Why this wave of protests? "he said at a press conference on Saturday.

On Sunday, the head of Ataka set up a city and offered a bid, next to Simeonov's government to leave, and another deputy prime minister and minister of defense Krasimira Karakachanova. "My proposal for his resignation is a call for the solution of the United Patriots coalition, but now in a crisis and sociology it seems that we will not go to parliament in the next election," Siderov told NTV. The words of Atak leader clearly showed that his proposal was to "remedy the mistake" by sending both leaders of the patriots – Karakachanov and Simeonov to the executive branch. "This violated our communication and prevented us from making accurate and swift decisions," Siderov, who is the chairman of the U.S. Patriotic Parliamentary Group, has long been boycotting the group's work because he did not want to convene meetings. In most cases they stay without his participation. According to Siderov, solving the "small" coalition would save the "big one". "We will support the government, not jobs," he said. Head Ataka reiterated that the key to the survival of the GERB and United Patriots government was to achieve a good outcome in European elections.

For the Karakachans and IMRO, the departure of power is of course mildly undesirable. They are supervised by the Ministry of Defense, which can allocate more than BGN 4 billion in the next year for reconstruction.

Karakachanov will think about "creativity" for the resignation

Deputy Prime Minister and head of VMRO Krassimir Karakachanov called on Siderov's proposal to leave the government "creative". Ironically, he said that he "thought all the time" and emphasized that the proposal in the future coalition council of the Coalition at the Coalition Council would be "creative" on Wednesday, and if it becomes an idea, there will be no problem to depart. Karakachanov said at the protests that some people were on the street fair, others were "for the show". Protests called "sabotage" because hundreds of people are blocking motorways, 20,000 are waiting. "If we decide that the social interest is more important than the interest of 10% of people, we will move on," he said when the government came to bTV.

For the opposition, the resignation is postponed

Siderov's proposal to withdraw the patriot from the government, but supporting Boris's office coincides with the position of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF). In the midst of a scandal surrounding the request of a mother for children with special needs due to Simeonov's departure from the movement, they issued a statement stating that the government has two options – "either the cancellation of Simeon's or early parliamentary elections". However, following the resignation of the Deputy Prime Minister, MRF leader Mustafa Karadayi described his resignation as "late". It's late and will not change anything. "It turned out that active citizens did not bring cynicism, arrogance and incompetence, but this action does not solve the problem." Karadayy called for "consensus and will" and "implement a program of accelerated development of the country." This idea of ​​uniting all political forces it has been triggered by a recent movement in terms of priorities and program. GERB has unofficially argued that the goal of the MRF is for the United Patriots to leave the cabinet and the GERB to form a minority government that in practice would mean the complete Dependency of Borissov's MRF.

Pressure on Borisov to change the management configuration is not only with protests and declarations. Two weeks BSP and MRF boycotted the quorum in parliament because they did not register in the plenary hall at the beginning of the session and twice failed the work of the National Assembly, and last week the majority was also mobilized with the help of Veselin Mareshak-Glas's party, the ruling party reaching a quorum and acting in parliament.

What's next?

At this stage, it's hard to say what the GERB and United Patriots will answer to the political situation. Prime Minister Borisov excluded the cabinet of the minority four days ago or changed the management formula. A smaller coalition partner in the ruling coalition will decide what to do on Tuesday when the coalition council is planned. Deputy Prime Minister Krassimir Karakachanov said that IMRO took part in the government with the ministers of Atak – also the party of the party Valeri Simeonov – NFBS, in order to offer a candidate for the position in the cabinet. According to Siderov, Simeonov's heir is not necessarily linked to three parties of the United Patriots, so the vice-president of the NFSB could be closed. So far, the NFSB does not express whether they will offer a candidate for the post. "We accept Volen Siderov's finding that the United Patriots are losing influence, and we recognize that for six months there was an insight into a personal battle in which the country is extremely active." Since the summer, we have agreed that there must be two things that we must have a coalition, the first to stop the attacks on the media and to realize the priorities that have gathered, then we proposed a list of accounts and initiatives in the VMRO, we asked "the attack" , but they did not offer anything, our proposal was confirmed, these initiatives do not fulfill the support of the Ataka and we have a constant problem – lack of communication and we are reluctant to get involved in common things, so I call on Volodymyr Siderov to say what is really happening " "said IMRO president Iskren Veselinov." He also explained that there is a mechanism by which both sides – IMRO and NFSB – can exclude the attack from United Patriots, but they do not intend to use it for now. "If that coalition does not cease to exist because of an objective reason , that some of us play only for another cause, we can accept all sorts of measures, we do not intend to worry, "Vesselinov said.

There is another problem with patriots. The return of Valeria Simeona to parliament will create additional tensions between him and Siderov. Recently, the NFSB has assumed the confidence of the head of Ataka as the president of the parliamentary group and can not remain in office, while Simeon remains a regular member of the NFSB. The return of Simeonov will also change the holdings in the parliamentary group of United Patriots because Miglena Alexandrova will have to leave the National Assembly from the attack. Thus Siderov will remain with seven deputies, NFFS will have 9, VMRO – 11.

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