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Botev (Plovdiv) – CSKA Moscow 2: 0, head to Nedelev and Vutov!

33 '

Tournament: Cup of Bulgaria

26 '


2: 0!

Falling on Antonio Vutov!

It was done in a miraculous manner, he guided the defender in front of himself, followed the ball and the goalkeeper and doubled the advantage of the team in the result.

Fenotes of home ecstasy!

25 '

Georginho pierces the gang on his team.

Examination centers.

He does not try to make a single one of his three-dimensional coins.

Poor feeding from his side.

21 '

Malinov shooting from a free kick!

The ball passes through the door of the trunk.

Qualitative fulfillment of nationality.

20 '

The cameras took the insufferable Stoils into the trench.

What kind of evidence is that of the Jordanov judge …

19 '

Aggressive actions on Stoycho Atanasov.

He has not been warned by the arbitrator, despite the fact that he has swung himself with the bow to the tent of his camel.

17 '

Yellow card for Janio Bikel.

17 '

Official warning for Turks.

14 '


1: 0!

Todor Nedelev gives preference to "canary"!

The national record is from the white point.

13 '

DUSPPA in favor of Botev (Plovdiv)!

Marin falls in the penalty area and Jordanov signals a violation of the rules!

10 '

Sunday mistakes on Wednesday in the field.

The ball is taken off.

The leader of Plovdiv's two sons met the opponent, correcting the inaccuracy in the presentation and baking out for the benefit of his composition.

7 '

Blow is far from distant.

The shot was on Tonev.

The ball passes away from the door of the "greens".

5 '

Weekly shooting!

The ball is bounced back to the Atanasov treadmill and cornered.

Nothing interesting is the implementation of the static position.

4 '

Cardoso is playing in defense to help his teammates.

Play on the whole flank of the host on the home.

It covers lions from the terrain.

3 '

Ali Sau I'm out of touch with Daniel Kaiser!

Oppose the attacker to the ball.

She passes away from Botev's door (Pd).

2 '

Cardoso Foulir Chorbadzhiski.

It is a serious preparation for the defender of the "Redheads", who did not play from a comparatively long time.

1 '

Todor Nedelev receives a flannel number 200.

The team leader has the leader of the team with the club flannel.

1 '

First Sudden Signal!

Botev (Plovdiv) received CSKA in the first semi-final in the tournament for the Cup of Bulgaria. The fortune begins at 19:00 hours on the base of the "canary" in Komatevo.

We expect the two teams to be cautious in the match, as to leave the revenge for the "Armiat" revenge.

The train of the hosts Nikolai Kirov received good news before the collision. Belia will be able to read the main football players like Dimitar Pirgov, Jonathan, Radoslav Terziev and Antonio Vutov, who treated the contests.

The four teams did not play at a loss of 0: 2 from the Black Sea.

Anyone Penev is distressed

Everyone is distressed by the "disgust" of the Yordans: You are talking on the ears, leche, carefully, obviously no other judges

"Even if you win or lose in the first sword, it does not mean, if you win, two swords are"

In the composition of CSKA the only one is Tiago. The Portuguese are the contours of Beroe. A team of players with a passport outside the EU will also fall out of the compound. This is likely to be left behind by Jefershon.

It is possible that the coach of the "Red" Lyuboslav Penev to save some of his players, considering the upcoming derby with Levski for the championship.

His selection is increasingly fighting on two fronts, and the selection program in the coming days is extremely loaded.

The cup is a great chance for both teams to reach the trophy during that season. Almost certainly a sponer in a dispute over the trophy of the day will be Lokomotiv (Plovdiv).

"Deaths" broke from 4: 0 September to another semifinal yesterday.

The group of Botev (Pd) for the semi-finals CSKA Moscow

Dimitar Pirgov is ready for key clash with CSKA for Cup

The group of Botev (Pd) for the first semi-final meets "The Reds"

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