Bariton of the Burgas Opera offered a wedding to your favorite during the show


The most charming among the bells of the State Opera – Burgas Valery Tourmanov is already pleased with the love of Yoanna Kadiyska. Bariton offered his girlfriend a wedding on the stage last night between the spectacle of Don Giovanni, wrote Flagman.

Valerie, who was in the lead role, interrupted the performance at the moment when she was on her knees before Joanna. Donor Don Ben wants the librettist to be the hand of his temptation, Zerlina, which was exactly what his girlfriend Joanna did. "Dear friends, we know that art is obedient to life … If you let me live at that moment, life will move art!" An excited Joanna leaned in and said, "Yes!" Under the shock of the audience. Despite anxiety, they continued without interruption.

The wedding proposal by Valerie Tourmanov was a surprise for the fiancĂ©e only. Preparations lasted about two weeks with almost the entire composition of the State Opera – Burgas and the couple's family. Last week, Valeri and his friends attended the performances of the Burgas opera "Paliaci" Leoncaval, where their close friends Nona Krastikova, Delyan Slavov and Daniel Damianov joined their partners. Donna also includes Nona as Donna Elvira and Delyan as Don Juan Leoporel's servant. In moments surrounding the Paralyaks spectacle, Joanne's conspirators were invited to try None Krastik's ring under the pretext that Daniel Damianov would surprise his wife for family vacations. After Valerie took the measure for a marriage, he followed a conversation with Belgian guest conductor Raphael Faye on the break of the performance. Authorization was also accepted by the director of the performance, prof. Dr. Alexander Tekelev, who gladly accepted the idea.

The love story of Valery and Joanna began three years ago in Stara Zagora during the production of Mozart's opera Doin All. Then a friendly company is in the same position where the marriage proposal took place – Valery Turmanov, Joanna Kadiiska, Nona Krastikova and Delyan Slavov -. By approaching the performance of Mozart's "Don Juan", Valery notices sentimental coincidences and decides that it's time to decide.


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