Tuesday , October 26 2021

Android apps are now available at the Huawei store


All of us who are interested in new technologies and gadgets know that Huawei has been the victim of a political decision since mid-2019 aimed at slowing the rise of China’s largest technology company.

Donald Trump’s signature banned Google from doing business with Huawei. The move comes as a result of annual tensions between the world’s two largest economies. And just as Huawei was on its way to becoming the world’s largest smartphone maker, a decree was signed to prevent the company from breaking through to the top with non-market methods.

But Huawei had the answer – its operating system and its app store. It was basically a free version of Android that made it easier for app developers and users to work.

Today, Huawei has fully achieved its goal and become 100% independent of the Google Play app store.

V AppGallery now almost anything can be found. Many of Google’s services are also available to users in the easiest and most intuitive way. How did this happen and did Huawei beat the Americans ’ban?

In AppGallery, everything is in one click

The short answer to the above question is – yes, and the reason AppGallery. 99% of Android apps are also available at the Huawei store.

Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and everyone else are loading in the same way as on Google Play. The same goes for chat apps Messanger, Telegram, Viber, Skype.

Needless to say, the situation with games, as with all other applications, is the same.

AppGallery has extremely rich content

AppGallery has extremely rich content

To facilitate home users, AppGallery offers a large collection of Bulgarian applications on its home page.

Here are all the major Bulgarian banks with their applications DЅK Ѕmart, RaiMobile, UVB Mobile, m-Rotbank, Mu Fibank, etc. There are also digital portfolios such as Pure, A1 Wallet and Rau bu Vivasom.

Ильpilozhenyata for online orders and delivery eMAG, Domino’ѕ Rizza, Takeawau, Narru, Grabo, Lidl Pluѕ, Aliehrer, Obuvkі.bg, ZARA and others. they are also just a click away.

There is also EON TV, Trivago and a convenient parking lot for SMS.

The convenience of finding petals

AppGallery has an integrated Petal Search search engine. The engine helps you find and use some of Google’s apps.

This way, you can download Google navigation or use Google Meet with just a few clicks.

In fact, Petal Search scans the most prestigious independent stores with Android apps from which you download. The engine gives you access to almost everything you’ve ever created for Android. The files are pre-scanned and authenticated. This completely reduces the risk for consumers.

Security and updates

When we talk about security, all the applications are in it AppGallery go through a rigorous analysis process. Huawei uses a special virus scanner that prevents dangerous applications in the store.

In addition, when the application is installed, a second scanner is activated, which enters the monitoring mode and tests the recorded application for viruses and errors.

The result is that AppGallery is likely the most secure app store.

Downloading applications takes a few seconds

Downloading applications takes a few seconds

Huawei checks are also activated when downloading apps from other stores via petal search. The fact that Petal Search only works with the best independent stores that have their own verification systems further increases consumer safety.

Nuawei also boasts an update system. All app updates in AppGallery are automatically installed when they are available. Petal Search also allows you to update applications downloaded from third parties.

Smooth transition with phone cloning

To make it even easier for consumers who have just bought a new Huawei smartphone, the company has introduced a very smart tool.

Transferring content from an old to a new phone has never been so easy

Transferring content from an old to a new phone has never been so easy

With Phone Clone, you can copy all content from your old phone to your new one. Photos, phone numbers and apps – all information, even tens of gigabytes, is quick and easy to download.

Great event

On October 21, Huawei is preparing a special event in Vienna. We will see new devices and the long-awaited new Huawei phone on it. It will be new from the series and promises to offer leadership features.

It is known that the phone will be with a new version of AppGallery, through which users have a large selection of applications to download. Huawei’s app store offers the highest level of security, and the download is just a few clicks away.

There are now even some Google services available to users, such as Google Maps navigation.

Two years after the introduction of the restrictions, Huawei won because AppGallery is the same as Google Play.

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