An aggressive labrador attacked the wife of Milen Velchev, his owners cursing


The owner thinks that when a dog did not kill my 4-kg york, it's not aggressive. Labrador hit me on the stairs and fell, but this is obviously not enough to commit a dog, wrote it on Facebook's Simon Velchev and posted photos.

In an attempt protect you yorkita Simona Velcheva fell on the stairs and hurts spine and hand

Women's former Finance Minister Milena Velcheva – Simone survived 24 hours before the birth of the financier. An unfortunate attempt to walk to two 4-kilogram Yorkshire in the family was interrupted by the sudden attack of the boring labrador.

The action developed at the back of Sofia, at the entrance to Royal Garden. A big dog without a muzzle attacked both small and Simonov's attempt to keep them from his teeth, he ended up falling down the stairs to the garden. Result – damage to the spine and one hand.

The interference of farmers took place with great delay and countered. They claimed that nothing happened. Owners of the aggressive dog stopped screaming only after the car was protected from a private company that became a forced testimony of the conflict.

The owners retired by car. Velcheva called the police and the matter was discussed.

When Simon published a post on Facebook, many people told her that the dog and the farmer were known to them because they misled them. The family Milena Velcheva sincerely hopes that the owners will be found and will receive a penalty, so that others will not suffer.

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