Sunday , August 1 2021

"America Over All" Has Collided With "Asia Over All"

America could not become big again without Asia, wrote Quartz, quoted by Bloomberg.

The statement of Chinese President Cz Jinpin that the state will open its markets for more high-tech US products and increase its efforts to maintain foreign intellectual property is welcomed for US companies, capital markets and world trade as a whole.

However, the field of intensive political and economic convergence in Asia is far from China, spreading from the Persian Gulf to Japan and from Russia to Australia. Geographic Asia also has a strategic advantage with a population of over 5 billion people – more than the entire population of the rest of the world, with countries of the continent more influential than those in Europe or North America.

Currently, trade between China, Japan and South Korea is over 4.5 trillion. US dollars, as trade in Asia has a greater share (60%) than in the continent with the rest of the world. Today, Asia is becoming what Europe and North America are – a regional system whose members have more interactions than with countries from other regions.

And the more American president Donald Trump stands for his idea of ​​America over all, more Asian countries are stepping up their cooperation and trying to limit their over-reliance on the US market.

Indeed, the escalation of the trade war between Washington and Beijing has taught Asian countries to continuously replace US high-tech imports with those of their closest Asian trading partners with whom they already trade more and in which they have a greater impact.

Thus, it turns out that the idea of ​​America over all does not really work very well for America alone.

For global success, the US must produce and sell globally, especially in view of the aging demographics of the continent, weak investment in infrastructure and saturated markets.

Most Fortune 500 Fortune 500 companies (for the largest corporations in the world), such as Apple's technology giant, generate half or even more of their global revenue overseas, as the US market is simply not large enough.

So it turns out that the idea of ​​"America in the first place" is that Trump is trying to revive the sounds, unless it leads to the idea of ​​"only America".

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