After the tragedy: Surchadjieva burst out with herself and uncovered a great secret from childhood


Alex Surchadjieva sat on New TV. The beautiful actress, who lost her husband Ivan Laskin more than three months ago, now works as a world champion in gymnastics. She was positive, she smiled and did not stop to have fun and joked.

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"What am I doing here? Well, I'm a new golden girl in Bulgaria, but older than others," she joked.

"I have the pleasure and the opportunity to lead the World Cup, and I would like to thank Iliani Raevi for the invitation she gave me," she said and continued: "This is a very nice world with nice girls, I always knew that it was a lot of effort, something, but I've never seen him. "

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Surchadjieva looked very bright and fresh and apparently already tries to continue her life. After publishing her secret from childhood she even made a great promise:

"When I was little, I used to go for some rhythmic gymnastics, but in fact I wanted to jump on a trampoline, I'm lazy, so I do not give up on these things, I promise that after going through the world, I will start training … ring, "said the actress.


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