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Inter is Barcelona in the night of the very expected spectacle from Group B. Nerazzur is the second in Serie A, while Catalans are in the Primera Division. On October 24 they won Inter Milan 2-0 and finished the Mingles series seven players.

Men Lucian Spaletti continued to win the championship and made up to 7 successes. Nerazzurs have already shown a good game, while 5: 0 over Genom is allowed to play on the court.

They were cut off against some of the stars led by Captain Mauro Ircardi and shone unexpected signs against the bravado spalel. Roberto Galliarini scored 2 goals and Joao Mario scored 2 assistants. Due to the financial fair Inter game is limited to bringing both midfielders without the right to w …

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The fate of the nearby collision was noticed in Inter. Especially if the game ends 0: 0 … The reason is that Inter and Barça were in 2009/10 season when the match ended in Milan without goals and in Catalonia – 2: 0 for hosts. Then two grandses met with the semi-finals, this time it was a pleasure for the Italians.

Meazza Pedro (9) found, but Nerazzur scored Wesley Snyder (20), Mikeon (48) and Diego Milota (61). Revanza Inter, although early with 10 men on the Red Card Tiago Mota, scored 0: 1 and in the final in Madrid won 2-0 against Bayern. For such a virgin sight it was that tirophi Nerazzur …

"Why do not you come?" Inter have players who can go a long way in the tournament this year with the Roma, defeat Barcelona 3-0 and remove them to quarterfinals (Hoy Camp 1: 4)), why not make any other success against them? "showed the self-esteem of Raja Ningolanan." The Belgian player, who became the key person in the new team, missed the Barcelona match due to his injuries and lack of feeling. it recovered faster than expected, and now it will work for Ircardi.

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Host Spalets will be able to use his optimal team. After a pause to Genoa, two of their back returned to Shima Vrsalka and Asamoa. Just something unforeseen could have changed Luciana. Inter played heavily against the Spaniards, but the home side is only one loss – 0: 2 against Alves in 2001 for the UEFA Cup.

Barcelona is the leading favorite in the first place. The Hoy Camp cashier was led without Lionel Messi, who received a fracture of his right hand over Sevilla (4: 2). On Sunday, the Argentine changed the bar with a more comfortable and flexible, allowing him to play against Nerazzur. They showed that Coach Ernesto Valverde will announce it only if it lasts 20-25 minutes, says Mark. However, in case of success, guests are guaranteed early participation (the eighth finals, while Leo will be able to impress before the final ballot for the Golden Ball).

Milan met Barcelona's players with rain yesterday. Jepp Picke, one of the two strong central defenders (second, Cleman Langele, Samuel Yumtiti and Thomas Vermelen injured), is disturbed when he boarded the plane from the plane to the airport and thrashed his head into the mirror of the vehicle without seriously hurting him.

After "Mark", Valverde will miss the first round, which means that Felipe Coettinho and Luis Suarez Raffinian will be. Since January, Brazil has been leasing to Inter, but the clubs have not won a transfer

Thaigo Alcantara's younger brother scored the first goal of Hoy Camp and was not satisfied. Spain does not stop criticizing the game even though it is the leader. "Valverde is trying to prove that there is nothing in common between the results and the results of the team," AC said.

The Madrid media warned that while Messi was not wounded, Suarez scored 3 goals in the league and without Lea Canibale doubled his achievement. But with the same expense, Suarez was not 3 years old in WS. Last Uruguay was 16.09.2015 at 1: 1 against Roma (1: 1) in Olympiacos. And since then, his dry visits …

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