A scandal in the palace: Prince William fooled Kate with his girlfriend? – Curious – News about lifestyle, style, diet, fashion


Prince William is suspected of an affair. Such information is spread by In Touch, according to which the British prince is a mistress. Not only everyone, but one of his wives, the closest friends of Duchess Kate, crosses Channel 3.

According to In Touco, William and Rose began to meet, while Kate was pregnant with a third child, and the meetings were not pleasant.

Kate Middleton even suspected of being unfaithful and forced him to no longer see her mistress, who cut him off from her friendly circle.

Unfaithfulness was a great blow to the marriage of William and Kate; their relatives were also shocked, but there would never have been a divorce.

Prince William categorically rejected this information and called it "ugly rumors". His lawyers have already announced that they will sue In Touch.


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