3 scenario for Cvetan: with him – bad, without him GERB worst


The second man in the ruling party will most likely announce his position on Thursday

A.what would be there to hide, everything would be so transparent?

The question was posed by Tsvetan Tsvetanov on Friday in Veliko Tarnovo and after a few hours he flew to Washington for a security conference.

Another person in the GERB is aware that the total noise in the apartment caused his client to endanger the reputation. And that's the target and the other three (see below, which he concluded in the most famous housing block in our country today) come (not) real neighbor.

Most likely, on Thursday, Tsvetan Tsvetanov will meet Sofia again in front of the media to answer all the questions.

There are at least three scenarios played in the last 72 hours, all connected with the Tsvetanov-Borisov pair. They do not speak publicly about their plans in the next 72 hours, but who knows the relationship between the first and the second in GERB is convinced that they have a telephone connection.

The facts – Tsvetanov buys in June 2018, the investigation comes just a year later and 10 days before the start of the European election campaign – March 31, 2019. GERB must publish its evolutionist.

Undoubtedly, the investigation is professional. It is done by journalists who are always on the verge of politics and are similarly thinking about the representatives of small, real clients – Ivan Ivanov, General. Atanas Atanasov. Part of this circle, but the publisher Ivo Prokopiev is not visible. His former subordinate is Nikolay Staykov, who moved from "journalism" to economic journalism and founded a non-governmental organization "Anti-Corruption Fund". Journalist "Mediapool" – page "capitalist" Polina Paunova as a journalist of "Free Europe" asks for a flat for Cvetanova.

Since then, the words "cheap and dwelling" have become the most widely used in the country.


It's Tsvetanov removed from Parliament and the client, too early elections

Boyko Borisov shares the most loyal person in the party because he has already accepted the resignation of Tsetska Tsacheva and Deputy Minister of Sport Vanja Koleva.

Perhaps he is in danger with Vezhdi Rashidov – and Volen Siderov suggests motives at the end of the week – a winning artist, he can buy what he wants and where he wants to.

The first person in the GERB is known to be easily separated from anyone who is upright. But Tsvetanov is not everyone. But this case is different.

Following this act, the prime minister wants early elections to determine whether the Bulgarians approve of his actions within the party. Representatives of large companies are openly looking for confirmation whether this scenario is triggered after Monday.

GERB loses early elections because the vulnerability of a property scandal, which is actually moral, is too fresh and voters will be greatly affected by it.

So far, only BSP Tsvetanova insisted loudly to "abandon Bulgarian policy in general". The problem is not only in the case of purchased apartments with lower prices, but also in the adoption of laws on lobbying, such as land change since January 2017, said Elena Yoncheva on Sunday.

Positano 20 admitted that the two levs supported the law, but they did not know who the correction was.

The first scenario receives the most nominations from BSP and a small right (see list at the beginning of the text).

This is the upcoming two votes this year – European and local voices


Tsvetanov as moral act resign Parliament, but keep it in GERB

If the other person who withdraws from the GERB and leaves the deputy president and pre-election seat, elects the ruling party, this challenge will be tested. Tsvetanov coordinated all the structures of the government, which he largely built, and determined the rhythm of the pre-election preparations.

However, it is not only the GERB deputy, but also the parliamentary majority or the prime minister, given that the patriots are split due to personal contradictions and quorum in parliament due to the BSP boycott. He is also a negotiator with the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) and Vojo.

The lack of experience in complicated procedures with the head of the National Assembly Tsvetka Karayancheva and the modest number of lawyers in this House, with no Cvetanova, will also be greater. He learned to mediate in finding compromises and managing crises.

For the first two reasons, the version in which it leaves – both the parliament and the party's leadership – is excluded, the GERB explains.

This scenario will be proposed by small patriotic partners GERB and MRF, as their role will become crucial in parliamentary work. BSP can return to parliament, which is unlikely.


Honest answers Author: Tsvetanov v Thursday and Thursday something similar contract companies

The third scenario is on Thursday that Boris's MP will answer fairly, he is likely to take a step similar to that of Tsetskaya Tsacheva – a declaration banning bank secrecy, declaring personal information about his way of life and property, then Tsvetanov proposes signing a contract with society – everything is In front of you, I want to quickly check that we have to do very important actions. Stop the populists of these key decisions for the future of the EU, edit our home – European and Bulgarian. Win in battles for carriers, our new commissioners, infrastructure and energy projects, and do not constantly discourage dogs and fail yourself. This is a variant in which Tsvetanov remains in both of his positions.

It would be appropriate to "give more information, even with regard to the last complaint, to the relationship with the company, or to verify why the connection, or lack of connection between them, is being verified", commented Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev in this regard.

"I think that the main speaker on this topic is right," he told the Bulgarian National Radio the role that his fellow deputy head GERB has. Donchev and Tsvetanov are always called competitors in the party.

It was unofficially a version that Boris's ministers actually launched a public scandal in order to have a "fairer" listing on Eurolist, unofficial.

The wounds of scandals prevail over intra-party competition, which is why their shock is unlikely.

In the last 72 hours, "24 hours" were discussed with at least 20 influential persons in the GERB party and in the local government about the fate of Tsvetan Tsvetanova.

A big part of the answers was that Borisov should stop cleaning everyone who went wrong because he would barely collect the next team.

Asked by the ruling party, they are very worried that Kornelia Ninova was firmly in favor of Elena Yoncheva, although with clear evidence that the journalist received a lot of money from the owner of the CCB through an offshore company.

The third scenario, of course, receives the most nominations from GERB and its supporters.

What day will the GERB meeting, which will give answers, also depend on Cvetanov's desire, whether it will take time after the US landing. The Prime Minister's plans may be somewhat confused if Brussels is to call an extraordinary European Council for Breckett this week, as EU Head Donald Tusk warned. In this case, the GERB leaders meeting will be postponed to March 31, when the party in Pomorie will publish its list for the European elections.

Who got his apartment

On June 12, 2018, Tsvetan Tsvetanov became the owner of an apartment with an area of ​​239.90 m2, a garage and common parts. In return, Arteks transferred two furnished apartments with an area of ​​192.76 square meters, 2 garages and common parts. To compensate, the Tsvetanov family paid BGN 100,000.

Tsetskaya Tsacheva and her sister, on July 27, 2018, against 138,001.26 EUR in a building, other than the one in which a garage in the size of 20.20 m2 was built, bought an apartment in the size of 198.70 m2. Tsvetanov. It was bought at a price of 670 euros per square meter.

The day before the Minister of Justice to conclude a contract for the purchase of an apartment in Arteks, Vezhdi Rashidov paid around 850 euros per square meter, or a total of 90,000 euros for an apartment of 112.2 square meters and two garages. in the building "Arteks"

Apartment in the building "Litera", where Tsvetanov is purchased, will be purchased in 2016 and Deputy Minister of Sport Vanya Koleva.

It has an apartment of 231 m2 and a garage 24.5 m2 for 665 000 BGN. the price was about 1340 euros per square meter.

Donchev: Nothing happens without trust. Our decision will be to restore it

"A housing scandal can cause damage, especially in the pre-election situation, which could lead to an even more unpleasant political resonance." Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev also commented on this. Each such scandal brings negative ones, which reduces confidence, he added.

"Even the most stable parliamentary configuration can not be solved by someone with exhausted confidence, I mean the government. In addition to the stability of parliamentary support, it is important to think and rely on trust. Without trust, nothing makes sense. I am convinced that the decision will be such that it will not only renewed, but also did not increase trust, "Donchev said for the Bulgarian national radio.

"If you were not a lady, I would say that it was a male act," said Tssetev's resignation. Such signs were rare in politics. Withdrawals are one of the tools for restoring confidence. The Bulgarian was very sensitive to the property. But the Deputy Prime Minister himself assumed that in this case everything was legitimate.

Association construction entrepreneurs:

It's unacceptable for this to include the industry political battles

We believe it is unacceptable to include one of the few remaining productions in important political battles, create jobs that bring budget revenues and create national value. "This is in an open letter, provided by the national association of construction entrepreneurs, at the office.

It states that the association, as a trade organization, "is concerned about the consequent negative proposals for the guild, which are based on the investigation of concrete property transactions by political figures."

"We strongly oppose attempts to divert the attention of the public debate from the essence of the problem to the maker who created the product of the deal," said an open letter.

It states that the national association of construction operators supports transparency, legality and ethics in industry, and that we have always insisted that these principles must be respected by all stakeholders – entrepreneurs, citizens and institutions. To comply with these principles, the relevant state authorities are also responsible.


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