2 million in 20 minutes: Jennifer Lopez numbers


Jennifer Lopez is in the middle the best sellers musical contractors since it was not excluded since 1993. Tickets for her concerts continue to be purchased in seconds, so it is not surprising that the singer is one of the most sought after guests everywhere. Well, they can not afford it all!

Hbut a discovery Doha Festival City Mall in Qatar Jennifer received two million in just a 20-minute series of questions and answers. It also became clear that the 49-year-old singer took an extra million for the cost of her stay c Medium East.

In her role, she talks to an impatient audience on women's rights, and then presents to admirers. The next week, the super star is to host the festival again – 20 minutes, which will pay another one million.

For an upcoming party at Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, organized by the airline Quatar, Jennifer Lopez is leading a list of invited guests.


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