Thursday , July 29 2021

12 Doctors Review Trump: This is a very good health

Donald Trump, a 72-year-old American doctor, said the country's head was "in very good health," Reuters reported.

"I am pleased to announce that the President of the United States is in good health, and I expect him to do so throughout the period and after his presidency," said Shawn Conley, a White House doctor quoted by the French press. The statement was made after the Trump Annual Medical Examination at the Walter Reed Military Hospital, which lasted about four hours.

The statement does not specify the details of President's weight, cholesterol or blood pressure by Conley and 11 other experts.

Conley said that Trump did not go through procedures requiring sedation or anesthesia, which means he did not get a colonoscopy.

A little over a year ago, Trump's doctor Ronnie Jackson announced that the president was in "excellent health" and showed very good results on the cognitive test, but he recommended that he try to lose a few pounds if he ate healthierly trying to do physical exercise.

There are no visible signs that Trump – a famous fast food fan – has been significantly weakened since then. His aides say that he now eats more fish than he does, but he always ate well-baked ketchup and potatoes prepared by chefs in the White House and his Trump International hotel in Washington.

In last year's inspection, Trump set a weight of 108 pounds, and doctors advised him to lose 7-8 pounds of weight, but the president may not have listened to his advice.

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