With the intermediate time, so Paulo matches the opposite of Grmio from the long Renato Gacho


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The difference in planning between So Paulo and Grmio over the last few years could not have been better symbolized on Thursday night when the teams meet at 7 pm in Morumbi, as in the numbers of their coaches. Renato Gacho, one of the oldest technicians in charge of the same club, was dismissed from the temporary André Jardine, who was re-appointed to the post: he took over in September 2016.

Whether or not coincidence, over a period of just over two years, porridge has always been in trophy fight. Four were selected: Copa do Brasil (2016), Copa Libertadores (2017), Recopa and Campeonato Gacho (both in 2018). All under the rule of Renato, who in the south called the surname Portaluppi.

In the meantime, the Sao Paola team saw four different names that failed to finish the fast-track achievements of the South American Cup in 2012: Ricardo Gomes (he was the coach when Renato returned to Grmio in 2016), Rogrio Ceni, Dorival Jnior and Diego Aguirre. Not to mention intermediate Pintado and Andr Jardine – this has already joined the hole in the passage between Dorival and Aguirre.

On the position of teams at the Brasileiro table, even if the situation was proportionate, S-Paulini ranked and lost fourth place in the previous round ends, which symbolizes a little of this recent victory of the Gremist, today thanks to the number of wins (16 to 15) . The result (58) is the same.

It may be the only factor common to Jardine and Renato – in addition to being born in Rio Grande do Sul – that their contracts end at the end of the season. In the meantime, five games are available, which can be carried out in 2019 in Morumbi. "It's not excluded," said Ra, director of football, this week. The veteran will definitely appreciate his work for reconstruction, but the trend continues in Porto Alegre.

While he is still coach of the Paola sub-20, Jardine was called twice to tell the team from above. In 2016, when Bauza left Argentina, he led the team in two matches: he won from Santa Cruze (2-1) and lost from Botafogo (1-0). This year, between Dorival's departure and the arrival of Aguirre, he was coach on the way to Red Bull Brazil (3-1) and CRB (3-0).

PROBLEM – this time it has the task of making the team more than in the classics with the Corinthians, for example, it was the last straw to calm Diego Aguirre. "So Paulo has cast and pieces to play better," says Jardine.

The sentence was told before the injury Diego Souza, who on Wednesday turned right his knee and is out of the game. The trllez must enter. It is also expected that Jardine will encourage Nen's return to the starting line and will gradually tilt to the guys he knows from base time, such as Helinho, Antony and Shaylon.


After several tweaks are confirmed, Grmio will face Soomo in order to try to secure his place in the G4 table, giving him a direct place in the group stage of the next Copa Libertadores. For this, the Renato Gacho technique must be returned without two starters: the side of Lo Moura and the attacker Luan.

Two victims were confirmed on Wednesday, the day before the game. The expectation of Luan's return, which was not one month, began on Monday when he trained with a ball, but he could not finish it. As on Tuesday, Luan did not train on Wednesday. J Lo Moura, who won Sunday's 2-1 victory against Vasco, was saved by physical wear. The site is 40 years old.

The good side of the training was that the defender Pedro Geromel and the attacker Jael, who does not have coaches, normally worked with excellence and went to the game. For Lo Moura in the right-hand side, Madson has to choose a coach who has the abuse of defense counsel Kannemann and goalkeeper Marcelo Groh.

With these abuses, the Maicon leaked with each of the five remaining games in the order of the Brazilian as the "decision". "The same end we have made against River Plate, we have to do so against Paulou and other competitions in direct confrontation. We know about the quality of the opponent, they will have a new coach, but that does not matter. We do what we do, the winners can leave" said, referring to the intermediate Andr Jardine, to replace the laid off Diego Aguirre.

The duel will be a direct clash for the place in Group G4 of the Copa Libertadores Group. The teams are tied with 58 points, while Grmio is the best in the tiebreaker and is fourth. There are several victories: 16 to 15.


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