Why did the queen eliminate Tiago Nunes, even though he had a "million dollar offer"?


Even with the "million-dollar offer", according to the Athletic Committee, Atlético-MG could not hire Tiago Nunes. Mario Celso Petraglia, Chairman of the Consultative Council, was responsible for the technician staying in the Arena da Baixada. But why did the coach retire after being encouraged by a big proposal from the miners?

O Privacy Policy They found that the first reason was the idea of ​​Parana residents to recalculate the salary of a 39-year-old trainer. Technik received R $ 120 thousand a month in CT Cay. However, after investigating alvinegra, an extension of its duration in Curitiba will expire.

The agreement was signed after a conversation with the trainer with Marie Celso Petraglia yesterday afternoon. On this occasion, the commander spoke of the desire to move to Belo Horizonte, where he would receive only R $ 240,000 per month, plus an additional R $ 160,000 per month for the payment of members of his commission.

The search for Tiago Nunes was done by Rui Costa, who replaced Marquez as the director of football. The coach encouraged the possibility of working again with the executive. However, after talking with Petraglia, he changed his mind. In addition to the adjustment, the technicians promised a higher price for the team in case of maintaining the current leadership in the Arena da Baixada. This year, they'll be at the election club.

Even with a team that will lead the campaign well in Libertadores, Athletico-PR will come up with new reinforcements that will fulfill Petraglia's promise to the master. It is expected to achieve the last 16 international competitions.

The moment in the team is another point that was in favor of being in Curitiba. Tiago Nunes is the current champion of the South American Cup and has two tournaments in the competition of the year: Cup Suruga and Recopa Sul Americana. A coach who dreams of achieving European football believes that overcoming them is important for attracting foreign clubs.

On Atlético-MG, Nunes should continue to work, which would be more complicated, especially after the dismissal of Levir Culpi. The coach left the city of Rooster for a terrible campaign in the US Copa Libertadores.


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