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who recorded songs from the new album “Senjutsu” (three are older than 10 minutes)

Author Igor Miranda
On 07/19/21

Iron Maiden have revealed details about their upcoming studio album “Senjutsu”. The album, which will be released on September 3, has 10 songs with a total duration of 82 minutes.

The three tracks on the album – the last three to be precise – last more than 10 minutes. These are: “Death of the Celts” (eighth disc), with 10min20sec; “Parchment” (ninth), with 12min39sec; and “Hell on Earth” (tenth) with 11min19sec. They were all composed by bassist Steve Harris himself.

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Other songs generally have common merits. The opening, also called “Senjutsu,” was composed by Harris with guitarist Adrian Smith and is 8min20sec long. Then there’s “Stratego,” the collaboration of bassist and guitarist Janick Gers – this is the second shortest song on the record with 4min59sec.

Already third on the track list, “The Writing on the Wall,” has already been released as a single and is in collaboration with Smith with vocalist Bruce Dickinson. The musicians are collaborating on two other songs: “Days of Future Past” and “Darkest Hour”, the fifth and seventh albums, with 4min03sec (shortest work) and 7min20sec, respectively.

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The three tracks, signed by Adrian and Bruce, were the only ones that did not have Steve Harris ’co-authorship. In addition to the three concluding the work, the bassist composed “Lost in a Lost World” himself, the fourth album, with 9min31sec. In addition, he co-wrote the aforementioned “Senjutsu” (with Smith) and “Stratego” (with Gers), as well as “The Time Machine” (with Gers), the sixth track on the disc, with a duration of 7min09sec.

In the list below you can check out all the “Senjutsu” songs, in the order they will be on the album. In addition to the duration, each song has its own author, described below.

1. Senjutsu (Smith / Harris) 8:20
2. Stratego (Gers / Harris) 4:59
3. Writing on the Rock (Smith / Dickinson) 6:13
4. Lost in the Lost World (Harris) 9:31
5. Days of Future Past (Smith / Dickinson) 4:03
6. Time Machine (Gers / Harris) 7:09
7. The darkest hour (Smith / Dickinson) 7:20
8. Death of the Celts (Harris) 10:20
9. Parchment (Harris) 12:39
10. Hell on Earth (Harris) 11:19

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Iron Maiden: Senjutsu’s new album will be released in September;  check the cover and playlistIron Maiden
“Senjutsu,” the new album, will be released in September; check the cover and playlist

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