Toucani is responding to the possibility of the PSDB withdrawing its candidacy for president


SAO PAULO – The president of the PSDB, Bruno Araú, was accused by the toucans of a statement made by GLOBO that the party could withdraw its candidacy for president of the republic in the name of the unity of the central forces. But despite the responses, candidates intending to compete in the subtitles scheduled for November avoided challenging the leader and on Tuesday showed consistency with advocating dialogue with other abbreviations.

Interview:The PSDB can withdraw its candidacy for president on behalf of the center’s unit, says Bruno Araújo

– The installation made sense. Bruno supports a preview that will determine who will be a candidate for the PSDB. The winning candidate in the previews will step up and put together the best path. And in doing so, he will have the opportunity to engage in dialogue with other parties that can combine and make up this democratic center, which is neither Lula nor Bolsonaro, nor the far left nor the far right, ”Bruno Araújo told Páros Clube.

The conciliatory tone adopted by Doria, however, was not seen among her allies. Privately, toucans supporting Sao Paolo’s governor in parliamentary clubs have even said that Araújo is acting in line with federal deputy Aécio Neves (MG) to put the PSDB close to the center and into the orbit of President Jair Bolsonara. They also rule out any possibility that the party will not be at the helm in the presidential race next year.

Interview:The PSDB can withdraw its candidacy for president on behalf of the center’s unit, says Bruno Araújo

– The decision for his own candidacy has already been completed. Now there is a dispute over who will be the candidate. There is no possibility that the party does not have a candidacy – said the mayor of Sao Bernardo Orlando Morando, an ally of Doria.

Party militants also challenged the president’s speech, arguing that the PSDB, given its history, cannot give up driving a ticket. On the other hand, the management understood that Araúj’s sentence was an important signal for other subtitles in the center because it removes the argument that the party is always looking for hegemony in the countryside.

Another candidate for president of the legend, the governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite, stressed the need to talk to other abbreviations, stressing that the candidacy for the toucan cannot be “built to suit vanities”. reads as a message to Doria. “The PSDB will do what is best for Brazil in 2022, not what is best for the party. The candidacy for president should be a project of the state, not vanity. But I have no doubt that the PSDB will offer a strong electoral candidacy, built on the basis of parliamentary groups, “Leite wrote on Twitter.

Gaucho also stressed that previews will point to an alternative to polarization. “The PSDB does not make a preliminary in order not to have a candidate; has the best candidate. Progress does not make him the owner of the truth, but to create an alternative to Lula and Bolsonar together from the party. And so it will be after previews with other clients. “

Aécio, who has already pointed out the possibility that the PSDB has no candidate, has reaffirmed a single name for the center in the dispute.

– It is best for Brazil that this candidate is the most capable of voting, whether he belongs to the PSDB or not. Therefore, these November previews should indicate a candidate who would have to seek convergence with other political forces and society in order to build a single candidacy with real chances of winning.

Without mentioning the governor of Sao Paulo by name, Minas ’deputy criticized the attitude of Doria, his internal opponent in the party.

– Requiring, as some argue, that this candidacy must come from the PSDB, even if it represents no possibility of survival, solely and exclusively to fulfill the vanity and personal interests of a potential candidate, would relentlessly lead us into isolation and service, there yes, the interests of Lula’s candidacies and Bolsonara and not the interests of the state. So it’s time for a lot of responsibility and rejection, something that some seem to have shown they don’t have.

In addition to Doria and Eduardo Leite, Senator Tasso Jereissati (CE) and former Manaus Mayor Arthur Virgílio also plan to run in the PSDB.


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