This year with 36,000 examples of chikungunya, Rio launches a campaign against Aedes aegypti


RIO – With the upcoming summer period, which, due to a combination of heat and rain, is considered an epidemic period for diseases transmitted by Aedes aegypti, the state health service in Rio de Janeiro, launched a new campaign against mosquitoes on Sunday is considered by the hero of the child Dezinho. The goal is to mobilize the entire population as to the importance of tightening preventive measures against the dengue, zika and chikungunya transmitters. State Secretary for Health Sérgio Gama justifies choosing a child:

– Children are big multipliers, so Dezinho is an excellent ally in the fight against Aedes. Boys and girls learn from him and get a message on how important it is to end up with calm indoor water, as 80% of the mosquito outbreak is detected in residential real estate, "said the secretary.

In 2018, the State Secretariat reported from January to 13 November 36,102 cases of chikungunya with 16 fatalities. Dengue had 13,886 reports and two deaths. During the same period, Zika presented 2,223 cases without death records. According to experts, measures now need to be taken to eliminate the focus of mosquitoes in order to avoid outbreaks and epidemics of the three diseases in the summer months.

The campaign began on radio stations, televisions and online vehicles. The name chosen for the character refers to one of the combat rooms against Aedesu aegypti. According to the secretary, ten minutes a week is enough for the person to look at all possible outbreaks of mosquitoes in their homes. The research must be carried out in water tanks, barrels, pot plants, gutters, bottles, trash and air trays. This way, we can avoid the spread of mosquitoes.

In the summer, the hottest season of the year, starts on December 21st.
At the site of the campaign
people have access to printing materials such as brochures, games, stickers, cartoons with Dezinhos adventures, animated GIFs and videos, always with tips on day-to-day fighting against mosquitoes. The foam of the doll, which represents character, will also go to the municipalities of the state of Rio de Janeiro in measures to prevent dengue, zike and chikungunya.

The national campaign has already begun

Last year, the Ministry of Health launched a national campaign to fight Aedes aegypti, with the slogan "Danger is for everyone." The campaign emphasizes the unity of all, the government and the population, and constant alertness as the best ways to overcome mosquitoes. The coordinator of the National Dengue Monitoring Program at the Ministry of the Health, Divino Martins, explains the interaction:

– Endemic agents are on the streets, inspecting all spaces across the country. However, the population can take advantage of these techniques and anticipate a visit. In the months before the summer and throughout the year 2019, the Ministry of Health will also, through video tutorials on social networks, also learn how these techniques are. In addition to 60,000 endemic agents, the portfolio wants to count on more than 200 million Brazilians that the multipliers of these measures – emphasizes.

The campaign emphasizes the unification of all, the government and the population. Photo: Divulgação
The campaign emphasizes the unification of all, the government and the population. Photo: Divulgação

National data suggest a reduction in the three diseases that Aedes aegypti was transmitted between January and October 2018 compared to the same period of 2017. However, some countries show a significant increase in the number of dengue, zika or chikungunya, as was the case in Rio January, Sao Paola and Rio Grande do Norte.


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