Friday , October 18 2019
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The vaccines can be spoiled


The drop in electricity supply and the failure of the generator's operation have doubted the overall supply of vaccines stored in the health department of Maringa. So much so that the poster published in the vaccination room informed the inhabitants that no dose will be used on Monday. The City House informed the Press Agency Office that it will begin an investigation to determine liability.

The data report will be sent to the State Ministry of Health in Curitiba, which will analyze the case and reject or release the use of reserved vaccines. "Although this response does not come, we are already providing new vaccines," she said in an interview for the program. The generator is triggered only if two phases fall – not just one, as happened over the weekend. Among the vaccines that may be useless, there are BCG, Varicella, Viral Thyroid, Yellow fever, among others.

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