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The program, which began on Tuesday, wants to reduce gas prices – the economy


New marketing program for Gas, announced today by the federal government, will attract new investments, boost competition and increase the competitiveness of the Brazilian industry, assess National Confederation of Industries (CNI), in a press release.

The measures of the CNI program are aimed at eliminating distortions, strengthening institutions and improving the regulatory environment, creating a competitive market that will reduce the price of gas. "The provision of abundant and sustained supplies and competitive natural gas prices is key to investing in various industrial segments," says CNI President Glauco Côrte.

"The recently approved termination of the commitment was signed between Petrobras in Cade (Administrative Board for Economic Defense), in which a state-owned company is committed to leaving the segment of transport and distribution of natural gas, is an important step forward in this structural reform, which is expected to bring dynamism and new investments to the sector, "adds Côrte.

President CNI The current exercise recalls that the liberalization of the natural gas sector in other countries has led to a drop in input prices. "Brazil can follow this trend, as natural gas supply is expected to double by 2027. The government has already announced that tariffs may be reduced by half if appropriate measures are taken," says Côrte.

Market decontamination measures, a new regulatory framework and measures to promote competition have already been presented on the market. In addition, it considers that in order to ensure legal certainty for private investors and consumers in the new natural gas market, legislation is needed with clear rules.

Before Petrobras said on its website that the price of LPG for Industry and Trade will be reduced by 9.8% from Wednesday, 24. The last adjustment took place on April 25, when production increased by 6%.

Housing gas prices remain unchanged, while a quarterly adjustment is expected in August. According to the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE), the price of residential liquefied petroleum gas, currently at $ 26.2 million for a 13-kilogram roller, is lower than LPG for industrial and commercial use, as it is of interest to the energy policy . lower prices.

Jair Bolsonaro

During program startup A new gas marketPresident Jair Bolsonaro said that the government can not follow if it has no coordination with the EU Prosecutor, The National Oil Company (ANP) Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade) Federal Court of Audit (TCU). In his speech, he praised that "Brazil is starting to work".

In the middle of the ceremony, while Cade's president, Alexandre Barreto, spoke, Bolsonaro spoke on the phone. A positive sign gave one hand to the vice-president, Hamilton Mourao. He then said in the speech that "soon the news will get good news", but he asked that they do not want him.

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