Tuesday , March 2 2021

The Ministry of Health requests that the Butantan Institute deliver a total of 6 million doses of CoronaVac National Journal

After the Brazilian government failed to import 2 million doses of Oxford / AstraZeneca from India, the health ministry now plans to launch an immunization campaign only with a Butantan Institute campaign in partnership with China’s Sinovac. doses that exist in the country and does not allow Sao Paulo to keep those that would be intended for the country.

Azula’s plane, which was leaving for India to get Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccines, eventually traveled to Manaus, carrying oxygen cylinders. A trip to Mumbai to bring two million doses of the vaccine was not planned after negotiations with the Indian government failed.

The director of the Serum Laboratory told the Times of India that he would ship a shipment of 2 million doses to Brazil in two weeks without interfering with the Indian government’s vaccination plan.

A decision on the emergency use of vaccines – Coronavac and Oxford / Astrazeneca – in Brazil is scheduled for this Sunday (17). Agency technicians evaluated the data throughout the day. The analysis of 85.12% of the documents presented by Fiocruz and 62.14% of the documents submitted by the Butantan Institute has already been completed.

A meeting of the Anvisa Board of Directors is scheduled for this Sunday at 10 am. Prior to the vote, the agency’s technicians will present an analysis of both vaccines to the directors.

Director Meiruze Freitas – rapporteur for emergency use requirements – then reads her vote. And the other four directors vote. The Anvis College Board is composed of five people: Antonio Barra Torres, Executive Director; Cristiane Jourdan; Alex Campos; Romison Mota, Deputy Director; and Meiruze Freitas, who are professional employees. All directors were appointed by President Jair Bolsonaro.

The federal government relies on doses of Oxford / AstraZeneca, imported by Fiocruz and containing 6 million doses of CoronaVac – from a ready-to-use Chinese Sinovac laboratory. The doses were imported by the Butantan Institute and commissioned by the Government of Sao Paulo. Last week, the Ministry of Health signed a dose-purchase agreement with Butantan.

On Friday (15), the ministry sent a letter requesting the delivery of materials to the institute. Butantan replied that he would deliver the doses, but he wanted to know in advance how many would be sent to the state of São Paulo to be delivered directly to the distribution center of the state health ministry.

As early as Friday night, the health ministry sent a second letter to Bhutan. He further strengthened the request for the delivery of vaccines and said that: “the responsibility for developing, updating and coordinating the national plan for vaccination against Covid-19 lies with the Ministry of Health, which cannot tolerate the distribution of vaccines, mainly because of the emergency The country is moving. 6 million doses need to be delivered immediately so there will be no delay. ”

This Saturday (16), Bhutan announced that he was evaluating the document. Butantan has also stated in a previous document that doses will be available after approval from Anvisa – the National Health Surveillance Agency.

The government of Sao Paulo says that it does not make sense to dose, to which the state will be entitled, and then receive them back.

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