The judge interprets the expulsion of Valentim, reports the confusion of Vasco in the crowd, Campella crimes, and the quote Maxi


The game between Corinthians and Vasco, on Saturday night, for the Brazilian championship, ended with a winning team from Sao Paolo 1-0. After controversy involving a judge, extensions of events are expected in the coming weeks. In a summary published on the website of the Brazilian Football Confederation, Wilton Pereira Sampaio, Judge of the meeting, reported on the position of Albert Valentim, expelled, the crimes of President Alexandre Campella, Maxi López, and the fight after the final flute in the Vasco sector. On Monday, the public prosecutor's office of the Higher Court of Sport should be published on Monday, and the tendency is to file a complaint and bring the case before the court.

> Check the following transcript of the judge's summary report below:

"At the end of the first period, I was excluded from the reserve bench by Alberto Valentim to Carmo Neto, the coach of Vasco da Gama CR, because the 4th referee, Edson Antonio, was informed by radio that after (the last target of the first half) the ground threw a glass of water that protested at the end of the first half and apparently twisted and said the following words: "he's crazy," and the technique was already worded 4th judge and assistant judge 1, Mr Fabrício Vilarinho da Silva, on his inadequate treatment after his expulsion of the technician attacked the field and went to the team of arbitrators who treated me as follows: "You are shit, you are persecuting me", which was in police supervision, removed by members of the Technical Committee and your athletes.

I would like to inform you that in the interval of matches, when the Judicial Sextet went to his wardrobe, in the entry tunnel, Mr. Alexandre Campello, president of the CR team Vasco da Gama, who told me: "We do not intend to attack us, shoot the coach, still gives the yellow card to the goalkeeper, c ***! C ***".

When the match was over, there was a storm between athletes of both teams, the fact that the competition between Fagner Conserva Lemos, nº 23, SC Corinthians Paulista and Leandro Luis Desabato, nº 5, Vasco Gama, CR, apparently did not hear the whistles at the end of the match, quickly found by athletes and members of the technical club committees, could not be verified by any relationship that would require disciplinary action.

After the closing of the match and the passage into the tunnel to access the locker, the court team had to stay at the entrance to the tunnel for about 3 minutes, while the police secured isolation and security so that the team had access to its locker. who were waiting for the departure of the arbitration team g. Alexandre Campello, chairman of the Vasco da Gama CR Group, previously mentioned, along with the sportsman Maximiliano Gastón López (not related to the match) and other team leaders who could not be identified and offended by the following words: "Dad, son of a bitch, I stole it again. "

I also inform you that after the match in the space dedicated to the visiting crowd (C.R. Vasco da Gama), we noticed that some fans took seats and threw them against the opposite fans and the police, who isolated it between them. The hearing prompted the police "



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