Tuesday , October 26 2021

The fund, which will command Newcastle, has a fortune 14 times greater than the owner of Manchester City and surpasses all other billionaires in sports


This Thursday, traditional Newcastle United was bought by an investment consortium led by the Saudi sovereign wealth fund, in negotiations worth around £ 300 million (Rs 2.2 billion).

With this, the white team from the north of England now has the richest owners in the world, as the Saudi fund is worth 320 billion US dollars (2.397 trillion dollars).

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This wealth, for example, is 14 times greater than wealth shake Mansour bin Zayed, dono do Manchester City, whose equity is £ 23.2 billion ($ 173.84 billion).

Speaking only of football, the state sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia is also a giant compared to other rich people.

Check out some of football’s greatest fortunes:

– Dietrich Mateschitz (group red bull): £ 15.7 billion (BRL 117.64 billion)

– Andrea Agnelli (Juventus): £ 11 billion (BRL 82.42 billion)

– Roman Abramovich (Chelsea): £ 9.6 billion (BRL 71.93 billion)

– Philip Anschutz (LA Galaxy): £ 8.1 billion (BRL 60.69 billion)

– Stan Kroenke (Arsenal): £ 6.8 billion (BRL 50.95 billion)

The size of the Saudi fund is also daunting compared to the biggest billionaires who have teams in the sport in general.

Second time after the magazine Forbes, O owner the richest in all disciplines is currently tycoon Steve Ballmer from Microsoft, which controls the Los Angelers Clippers in the NBA. His fortune is $ 96.5 billion ($ 531.01 billion).

Then comes businessman Daniel Gilbert from finance Accelerated loans, which leads the Cleveland Cavaliers, also in the NBA, with a net worth of $ 30.9 billion ($ 170.03 billion).

Another NBA franchise owner is on the podium: Robert Pera, owner of the Memphis Grizzlies, which boasts a cash flow of $ 19 billion ($ 104.55 billion).

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