The flowers from Betina to Marocas kill Emilia


In "Time does not stop," Emilio (João Baldasserini) the hand of Marocas (Juliana Paiva) a bunch of flowers for the success of the Kikinico parade. What they do not imagine is that it is an agreement with a victory that Betina (Cleo) conceals to kill a rival. "Take these flowers as a symbol of my admiration … for the success of your brand," he says.

Marocas doubts, then he comes out and takes the arrangement, filing. "Thank you for being very beautiful," she says, and suddenly she is frightened with something and throws flowers on the floor. Emilio, surprised, does not understand. "You tried to kill me!" It's real. Swirling: "I did not do it! The flowers are beautiful, Morocco, look." Emilio will re-take flowers when the snake bites him on the forearm. He is taken to the hospital and does not resist this toxin and dies.

Emílio gives the flowers to Marocas, without knowing that the snake is in agreement, v
Emílio gives the flowers to Marocas without knowing that the snake is in agreement, in "The time does not stop" Photo: Estevam Avellar / Rede Globo / Divulgação

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