The CPTM takes care of the Globo team and remove the equipment


SÃO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – Security forces The Metropolitan Railroad Company (CPTM) attacked, threatened and removed equipment from the TV Globo team at Perus station in the northern São Paulo area on Tuesday morning (6). Journalists attempted to capture images and report deficiencies on 7-ruby and 11-coral lines that hit passengers in the highest hours before the day.

The CPTM is a state-run company headed by Márcio França (PSB), defeated in an attempt to re-election last month.

When the interviewers recorded interviews with passengers, three security guards and a security chief (who did not have the names disclosed by the train company) turned around and said that the team's entrance was not approved.

Journalist Cinthia Toledo tried to explain that she had paid a ticket and was usually entered by her turnstile, but was interrupted by the person in charge at the station. "You have to call security guards because you have to go from here," he said.

The team was also at risk. "You have already forced him … we will smash the equipment there," said the security chief. One of the security guards was shot by a journalist and station recorder, while others used a journalist using a mobile phone to determine the report.

"You have permission, who is to record?" He asked the security boss who stopped the recording by putting his hand in front of the camera.

According to TV Globo, the mobile phone returned only after the CPTM press service, which contacted the officials of the Perus station. The train company said that the case was investigated and that the workers involved had already been removed.

According to Sérgio de Carvalho, the head of the relationship, he told the station: "There is no CPTM orientation in order to limit access not only to Rede Globo, but to any other vehicle that wants to bring the story to the CPTM."

The operation on 7-ruby and 11-coral lines normalized in the middle of the morning this Tuesday.


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