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The company creates a cup of recycled coffee beans


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Photo: Kaffeeform / Disclosure

Have you thought of a cup of coffee after lunch in a cup of … coffee? German company Kaffeeform has developed an innovative and sustainable material made from recycled coffee beans and renewable raw materials used in the manufacture of the product. The company currently sells glasses of different sizes and cups that are used when the customer does not consume the beverage in the dining room.

"The cups are very durable, light and have a smell of coffee," they said on their website. In addition, the product is designed to last for several years and can be washed regularly in dishwashers and withstand sudden drops.

According to the company, the idea of ​​making cups of used coffee beans came during a design course in Italy, set up by Julian Lechner. In the class he wondered if it was possible to create something new from coffee residues. After several attempts, the first prototype of the product was produced in 2009.

"Coffee alone would not last long enough to withstand fluids and heat, so we worked hard on the possibility of hardening. The result was a new material consisting of coffee plants, biopolymers, starch, cellulose, wood, natural resins, waxes and oils, "says the company.

Grains used by Kaffeeform are collected daily in Berlin cafes. In addition, the company has a partnership with a social entity that works in the field of drying and logging of grain.

Watch a video product presentation.

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