Saturday , November 28 2020

The best way for your cats' pets, according to science

Cats sometimes do not know us. Who has never been in a position to play and excite the pussy in extreme calmness and suddenly it seems to him that he no longer wants to chat? One researcher explains that this often happens because we do not love the right way.

In an article published on the website ConversationThe University of Nottingham Trent, Lauren Finka, is pursuing an interesting history of the domestic cat and its partnership with people.

It turned out that 4,000 years ago in this relationship a lot changed. Cats went from mere instruments to control attacks on big friends. And when we talk about evolution and natural selection, there is not enough time for one species to adapt to the needs of another – especially if they are both complex and human.

For example, dogs have had many thousands of years of contact with us. Unlike wolves and dogs, the domestic cats and wild cats of Africa, her closest ancestry, have changed little in the DNA.

Your cat in many ways is still thinking like a wild cat. They are lonely and reserved animals, which avoid as much as possible "very intimate" interactions. Of course, we are also social. The more touch and proximity in human display of affection, the better. Also, we can not resist animals that look like our babies, with big eyes, small noses and round faces. That's why our call is to crush cats with such kindness. For them, this is usually a bit too much.

Of course, many of our feline friends are like dying and do not trade with our food company that appears before us. But a large number simply tolerates pampering with hidden motives – in this case home and food. While others, as we know, do not conceal their inconvenience to human contact and react aggressively.

Lauren Finka explains that in order to be more kindergarten, it is imperative that we refer to socializing and pampering when they are sensitive puppies: ages from two to seven weeks.

According to the researcher, the key to a good relationship is to let the pussies go under surveillance and take the initiative. It is difficult to keep the need for dope, but research shows that efforts are being made. Interactions between cats and humans last longer when triggered. Also, care should be taken of the attitude and behavior of animals.

This is not the rule, but most cats love knees under the ears, where their facial glands are under the chin and around the face. Movement of the abdomen, back and tail of the tail often causes discomfort. In general, it is important to respect the space and the boundaries of cats – and wild animals in them.

Please check below some of the characters to consider.

Signs that Pussy is enjoying:

• Has its tail up and is responsible for starting the contact.

• Pull and fold with the front wheels.

• Gently move the tail from one side to the other and hold it upright.

• Relaxed stance and facial expression, ear straight and forward.

• Let them obey them to attract your attention if you stop lying them.

Signs that the animal does not like or is angry:

• Moving the head or deviating from it.

• Stay passive (without bubbling and blowing)

• A lot of flashes, a lot of stress with the head and body or too licking the nose.

• Licking intimacy fast and in short paths.

• Bristly back.

• Shaking, crawling or waving with a tail.

• The ears are flattened or turned back.

• Sudden turning the head into the face or moving away from the arm.

• Bite your lap or try to pull your hand.

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