Square Enix explains the absence of Final Fantasy in Kingdom Hearts 3


Although Kingdom Hearts 3 he got a good and pleasant – in general – for players, many fans still did not swallow well the absence of characters from the Final Fantasy franchise.

Tai Yasue, co-director of the game, explained that they prefer to focus on the stories of Roxas, Sora and the presentation of various Disney universes.

We had many original characters. This is the conclusion of Sage Xehanort and we really wanted to focus on the main story of the Hearts Kingdom, such as Sora and Roxas. All these stories are played in other games and we wanted to finish them.

And because Mickey's class counts a lot of characters, it would be very difficult to include the iconic characters of the other Square Enix franchise.

Yasue also understands the disappointment of the fans and is apologizing. "We definitely recognize and respect what everyone is saying," he says.

The hope is that Cloud Strips and other Final Fantasy can be remembered, at least in the future enlargement. But that's also very unlikely.


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