Sony will stop selling "digital game codes" in April; understand


Sales digital game codes from the PlayStation family outside the PlayStation Store are on the go. Sony sends notices to retailers and says it will no longer distribute them code games to shops. In addition, all such codes still available for sale will be disabled on April 1.

In Brazil, the change should not be so shocking, as a few merchant chains are marketing games in this form. The impact must be much higher in the US, Canada and Europe.

Retailers, such as physical games for GameStop and digital game codes. For consumers in these regions it is very common to opt for pre-sale digital games in physical stores. Something that should have changed since April.

Although the company has not explicitly notified, it is very likely that Sony will concentrate on selling digital games exclusively on the PlayStation Store.

According to the PlayStation LifeStyle, GameStop works closely with Sony to try to offer PSN cards in more customizable formats.

It should be noted that the change will only affect the sale of games in codes – those with twelve numbers – the PlayStation family. PSN cards will continue to be marketed.

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