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Without a doubt, the Galaxy S10 and its brothers are some of the most important smartphones in 2019 that bring innovative aspects such as the Infinity-O screen (which removes the notch at the top of the screen) and the ultrasonic digital sensor. But this last feature has had some problems, and Samsung has already promised an update to improve the user's fingerprint readings. Now it seems that South Korea brings an update that promises that the ultrasound sensor will be much faster.

According to Sammobile, Samsung again updated the software for the biometrics of its new leading automakers so that the ultrasound reader is as precise and responsive as possible. Obviously, this action seems to show some interesting results, as Reddit's user would comment that the release of the device is faster than ever.

Unfortunately, the site says that this is one of those updates where it can not be manually triggered, so the user has to wait patiently to receive it at the right time. So far, it has been reported that consumers from Germany and Poland are already envisaged, as well as some users from the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

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So it is up to us, from Brazil, to wait for the South Korean birth threshold to dispatch the land of Tupiniquins. Recall that by that time, the unlocking experience in the Galaxy S10 can be improved with the use time and muscle memory of your fingers.

Source: Android Authority, SamMobile

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