Romero, Rodrygo and both measures


March 2018 Paraguay's Ángel Romero, who left the pitch 1-1 to Santos, gave one of his rare interviews with the Corinthians. At the end of the violent entrance to the shirt 11, alvinegro did not miss the opportunity to challenge the competition team that left the tie with the tie.

"The guy hit me, but it's OK, it's part of the game." Look how they celebrate. This is a small team, " he said.

April 2019. The Corinthians secured a place in the Paulista Finals after defeating Santos on penalties – in the usual time, 1: 0 compared to the Corinthians., Days after elimination, popular Rodrygo, Santos and negotiating with Real Madrid, spoke with journalists.

"We were sad about the expulsion, even more so than it was. It seemed like a great team game against a very small teamhe said.

At that time, our reader had to understand where this text wants.

If we return to the year 2018, it is not difficult to remember how the general reaction to the Paraguayan statement was. From the opposite fans (not just Santos) to the press, the speech was the same: "Romero can not say this"; "Does he not know the history of Santos?"

At that time, she remained a citizen of the attacker. In the Radia Energia 97FM program, one commentator even said that Romero does not know what size is because he came from an "autochthonous village" that moves its economy with drug trade. " The phrase prompted the eruption of shirt 11, which was supported by the Balbuena fellow.

Now, in 2019, the talk of a young Brazilian promise was overcome in a debate on the mainstream media or on the table, which a year ago had a number of "conscious" sports enthusiasts who defended the greatness of the "club that Pelé and so many others had." What is going on is the opposite. Some journalists and fans used the "play a small team" jargon without worrying about the history, achievements, idols, or lovers of the Corinthians.

All this can serve two things: to prove the xenophobia reported by Romero, which many people ironically portray, or to show how much the Corinthians got more consequences – often unnecessary. No one was interested in "defending" the club from the crime of Rodrigo. Why?

We fans, we understand a little answer – and there is no need to write at all.

However, it is worthwhile to predict why a posture is so different when "controversy" occurs, it is turned.

After all, was Romer the problem of being Paraguay or wearing a Corinthian T-shirt? Where are the criticisms of Rodriguez? Hypocrisy can take some time, but there is a clock.

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