Rihanna refuses Trump to use his songs in "tragic rituals"


Rihanna's singer gave Donald Trump the president to use her songs at the Republican rituals. The artist learned that one of her hits – "Do not stop the music" – animated the crowd in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on Twitter from a Washington Post journalist. The singer reacted to the discovery with a public complaint about the reproduction of her works in so-called "tragic rituals".

"Trump's rituals are different from other politicians," Ne Stop The Music "is playing in Chattanooga, as employees in the Trump free t-shirt are getting into a crowd like a ball game, described by journalist Philip Rucker.

In response, Rihanna stressed that neither she nor her (friends, relatives) would not, or would have approached the presidential political events. Your Twitter messages had almost 75,000 shares by Monday morning.

"Not long …" was written by the singer, born in the Bahamas, according to the reproduction of his music in the rally. "Neither I nor my people would have been or would be approaching one of these tragic rituals, so I thank you for the warning, Philp."

Rihanna is the latest artist who does not allow the use of his work in the causes he does not believe in. Pharrell Williams legally informed the president that he used a cheerful banner at the event after the massacre in the Pittsburgh Synagogue. The solo lawyer pointed out that in the tragedy there was nothing "cheerful" and that Trump was not allowed to play the song of the party and would not have it in future events.

Before appealing for the game of her hit, Rihanna supported Democrats' nomination of Andrew Gillum for the Florida government in the mid-term elections, which will be held on Tuesday in the United States.

"You have the opportunity to make history in these elections," she wrote in Instagram in a message to indicate voters. "The US has only four black governors in history and Andrew Gillum can help to be the next and the first in Florida!"


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