Thursday , July 29 2021

Procon de Florianópolis opens Celesc because it does not review the light reports

The Procon municipality in Florianópolis censored the Santa Catarina plant (Celesc) because it did not inspect the electricity bill for residents who felt damaged after receiving a January bill.

The assessment was made on the basis of an inadequate collection claim. Celesc has 10 days to present defense and, if not accepted by the Agency, may be fined up to R6 million as specified in the Consumer Protection Code.

According to Procon, all consumers who feel damaged have the right to inspect their account, not just those who are looking for supervisory authorities. For the Consumer Protection Secretary, Celso Sandrini, the best solution would be an immediate expert in issuing a technical report confirming the error or not in the invoices collection.

– We recommend the consumer to feel that he should visit Celesc and request a revision of his account. And if it's not satisfied, you can contact Procon to file a complaint, "he advised Sandra.

Celesc informed G1 SC that the evaluation will be evaluated by the Legal Service. The company reports that it is considering the matter in accordance with the discussions agreed with the state prosecutor who initiated a civil investigation with changes that consumers have denied in the country.

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