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President of Empress Luizinho Drummond resigns, Director of Carnival 2020 in Rio de Janeiro


Luiz Pacheco Drummond, president of the Imperatriz Leopoldinense School, resigned on Tuesday (23) for alleged medical problems. One of the most traditional names in the Carnival in Rio, the violation of Luizinho Drummond, as he was known, led the emperor – as president or patron – from 1976 and led the school to eight titles.

He handed the letter to the presidency of the school board on Tuesday, he said G1 Wagner Araújo, carnival director of Carice. New presidential elections must be announced within 15 days.

The retirement took place several weeks after the school fell to a second series of carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

The first attempt to change the table even kept the empress in the elite despite the penultimate city, after it was deserted, the decision was corrected.

Luizinho was defeated in the League of Samba Schools (Liesa) – a rare scene in the history of the Rio Carnival.

Luizinho Drummond has been President of the School since 2007. Before that, he was twice in position (1976-1983 and 1986-1992). Even outside the presidency, he always worked with the Empress.

His role in the Sapucaí carnival was mainly in the 1990s, when President Liese was also present. From 1989 to 2001, the Empress overcame the Special Group six times – five of them had Rosa Magalhães as a carnival. The title of 2001 was the last in school.

The strong name of the wildlife in Rio, Luizinho Drummond, was arrested and sentenced for several crimes, but today he is free.

Turn in untapped table

The Kingdom and the Kingdom of Serrano completed the carnival in the last two cities. The regulation determined the deterioration of both, but representatives of eight associations carried out maneuvers to have Empress in a special group at the June plenary session.

On July 6, the Judicial Prosecutor of the Public Prosecutor's Office in Rio de Janeiro issued a summons to Liesi, who had to pay a fine of 750,000 R for failing to comply with the TAC by canceling the reduction. Empress.

After protests and demonstrations of deputies, the assembly was convened in Liesa to resolve the dead end. There were 42 members, including associations and people who founded or are benefactors of the League. The result was 28 votes to honor the 2019 carnival results.

The school even filed a lawsuit against the Independent League of Champs Samba (Liesa) and President Jorge Castanheira, who doubts his role as head of the league. However, the court rejected this request.

* Trainee led by José Raphael Berrés

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