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People use SUS but pay millions in health plans in state-owned companies

One of the biggest outflows where public money goes is in health plans in state-owned companies. It’s fun. BNDES Black Box Bank has 4,219 employees, but pays 100% of the health plan for 10,034 people, including dependent families. According to a report by the Secretariat for Coordination and Management of State-Owned Enterprises (Six) of the Ministry of Economy, this costs a scandalous 177.3 million US dollars (2020 value). State-owned ports also deserve to report the matter to the Federal Police: the state pays up to 91% of their health plans.

horribly drunk

In other state-owned companies, the excitement is terrible. At ECT, we pay R $ 1.5 billion for a health plan for employed and dependent family members and their parents and grandparents.

take your hand out of my pocket

In Codeba (Cia Docas da Bahia), the state supports 90% of the health plan for 1,450 privileged (623 employees) at a cost of R $ 17.3 million.

This wallet is mine

At Codesa (Docas do Espírito Santo), we pay 91% of the health plan for 991 people (337 employees). Tunga takes us $ 5.6 million.

privileged minority

In Codesp (docks in Sao Paulo), SUS residents spend $ 14.3 million on health insurance. At Codern (RN), their privilege costs $ 2.5 million.

Doctors and nurses in action at a Polish hospital.  Photo: Mário Oliveira / Agenzia Senado.

Doctors and nurses in action at a Polish hospital. Photo: Mário Oliveira / Agenzia Senado.

52% added to SC Bolsonaro against Lula 24.2%

Paraná polls Polls in Santa Catarina show that no one is nothing: 52% of voters support the re-election of President Jair Bolsonar, 24.2% who like Lulo, from PT. In third place is Ciro Gomes (PDT) with 3.5%, followed by former Minister Luiz Mandetta (DEM) with 2.8%. Rio Grande do Sul Governor Eduardo Leite (PSDB), who declared himself gay in a recent television interview, adds 2% of Santa Catarina’s neighbors ’preferences.

Solid majority support

In the 25-59 age group, support for Bolsonara ranges from 56.3% to 56.9%, while PT ranges from 18.4% to 22.3%, depending on the purpose of the vote.

Fluctuations in extremes

Support for Bolsonar among young people aged 16 to 24 falls to 40.4% and Lula to 29.8%. Among the oldest, older than 60 years, 43.8% to 31.6%.

Research basis

Between 15 and 19 July, Paraná Pesquisas interviewed 1,514 voters from 86 municipalities in Santa Catarina.

power without shame

political malice

The ruthless leader of the UDN, Carlos Lacerda, asked the ACM from the current “Chapa Branca” party about the visit of the “enemy”, President Juscelin Kubitschek. The ACM confirmed the conversation at ten in the morning and, full of malice, remarked, “… Magalhães Pinto was in front of me at seven.” He meant the president of the UDN. “Lacerda’s anger has spread to other Magalhães,” he laughs, recalling the example in the book “ACM talks about JK”.

surprise factor

Bolsonaro surprised his enemies, who considered him “dead,” by defining a department of the economy ministry and opened the door to strengthen his support in Congress. They forgot he had a pen.

Brazil as it is

It was difficult, but Bolsonaro surrendered to life as it is, or to politics as understood by Brazil: political parties want seats in government that would be supported in Congress. They call it, come on, “manageability”.

do not steal

Apart from corruption scandals, the only recipe for political stability was known in Brazil. However, this is not a “permit to steal” as understood by the PT governments.

a history that repeats itself

Like Bolsonaro, Lula rejected “coalition presidency.” He even publicly rejected the articulations of José Dirceu, the head of the civilian house. Finished with a concession. Distributed positions in PMDB, PP and PTB. Critics of Bolsonara praised Lulo: “political wisdom” or “pragmatism.”

Almost 60% of adults

Yesterday, Brazil exceeded the limit of 92 million people who received at least one dose of the vaccine, representing almost 44% of the total population and more than 58% of the adult population.

Good for whom?

Minister Tarcísio de Freitas (Infrastructure) celebrated the news that Brazil has recorded the most federal tax revenue in the historical series (last 25 years). It was more than R $ 881 billion, up 24.5% from 2020.

Rua da Grenkoba

Expert advice such as CRM and Crea can lose 94% of their revenue if Congress approves the end of monthly or annual fees. OAB-SP alone raised R $ 304 million in 2017.

fully immunized

According to the Vacina Brasil platform, more than 35.5 million Brazilians (17% of the total Brazilian population) are fully immunized against Covid. Mato Grosso do Sul immunized almost 30% of the population.

I’m thinking well …

… when the dwarf no longer talks about the $ 5.7 billion pornographic election fund, the “semi-presidency” test balloon returns to the drawer.

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