New Top 4 after thawing, Mano says he likes Cruzeiro: "part of my life" – 03/23/2019


The move of Cruzeiro 5-0 against Patrociense was historic for coach Mano Menezes. In addition to making the team progress to the semi-finals of the Mineiro Championship, the coach became the fourth commander with several games for the Celestial Club. After the match, Mano also talked about his affection for Rapos, remembered his stage in Toča in the nineties and handed himself to the club with a declaration of love.

Many years ago, in 1997, I came to work practice and nobody knew me as a football coach, Cruzeiro opened the door to this stage, which was very similar. I'm important for my training. I have a lot of love for the club and I'm always trying to get the attention they've always given me, "he began.

Man's response was the first in his press conference when the coach asked if he loved Cruzeira. The owner of the question was Luiz de Souza Camargos, a fan of Cruzeirense, who has Down syndrome. Before the match, the club held special events for the International Day of Down syndrome, which took place on November 21st.

By winning and finishing in the semi-finals of the country, Mano Menezes made another important step in his long and historic transition through Cruzeiro. The Mineirão game was 206 of the Coach Rapporteur. The feat was already ranked among the four trainers who were in front of Cruzeiro, the same as Ayrton Moreira. If he continues at least another season in the club, Mano will still play Nigger and Levir Culpi with 256 and 257 games. The head of the question is Ilton Keys, with 362 games.


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