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Melted, ‘coramão’ and greetings: new emojis are coming to your collection – 15.07.2021

Are you tired of a happy face? Do chorinho emotional symbols make you cringe too much? Don’t worry, new emojis will soon be available to express your emotions. To celebrate World Emoji Day next Saturday (17), the Unicode consortium has approved the release of a new series of emojis.

Among them are new greetings, little mouth-biting lips, choirs, low drums, kings and queens, pregnant women, a range of new skin tones in the handshake and heart-creating hands, among other news.


The main news is about inclusion and diversity. Newer stickers have a more varied skin tone and emojis no longer rank among “men” or “women”. Enter people’s emotions: the person with the crown and the pregnant person, for example, to ensure that non-binary people are represented or liquid sex.

New emojis will be released in 2021 - Play / Emojipedia - Play / Emojipedia

The new emojis will be released in 2021

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Coral emoji was created to trigger a debate on climate change.

As Kpop’s popularity grew, emojis with crossed fingers appeared, a common gesture among music style lovers.

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By the end of 2021, the new emojis are expected to be available on all operating systems and social networks.

The published image is not yet final, it is only a draft of the future. Some changes may happen until September 14, when the official release of Emoji 14.0 will be released.

Meanwhile, Internet users can vote for the most anticipated emojis on the World Emoji Awards website, a sort of Oscar for emojis. The result will be posted on Twitter.

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