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"It was the sin of Neymar who left Barcelona," says Seedorf


Rival do Brasil, coach Cameroon praised the quality of Tito: "The loss to Belgium was not a scandal"

Neymar left Barcelona for the PSG last season, but his decision is still debated in the football world. On the eve of facing the Brazilian team as coach of Cameroon, Seedord regretted the departure of the attacker of the Spanish club.

"I think that Neymar must play better players than him, not technically, but they have already done important things, won things, they can talk about things and respect them," he said in an interview with Globoesporte.

"He needs a coach to get him what he needs, he is still young, he is not long in Europe, his talent is undisputed, he is already considered one of the best in the world, but he will not do it alone. Two years ago, it would have been different, but now it's PSG, nobody plays today alone. "

Tite and Neymar - Brazil - March 21, 2016
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Seedord still insisted on increasing Tite's work against Brazil and reducing the elimination of the selection in the quarter-finals of the World Cup.

"It's a very good job, Belgium, for me, it was the best team at the World Cup, playing football with important players from the best teams in Europe and there was no scandal to lose Belgium. It's normal that we do not always see the best success, but also the opponent, and we have to respect him, "he said.

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"If you compare with the 2014 FIFA World Cup, it is obvious that Brazil has made a very big step forward – you need a bit of luck, a good form of one or the other player, and it did not come, like Italy and the Netherlands," he added.

Brazil and Cameroon are entering Tuesday (20), at 5:30 pm (from Brazil), at the MK Stadium in London.

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